Amenities & Highways Committee report – December 2016

Chairman Cllr David Close writes:


Wellesbourne Precinct Project

For some time I have thought that the landscaping of the Wellesbourne Precinct could be improved with additional planting and seating areas. This would not only enhance the visual amenity of the area but also provide a pleasant place for residents to sit. It was therefore with great pleasure that I was informed that Walton Estate were prepared to donate a one off contribution of £1000 in order to buy plants and tubs, provided that sensible conditions are met regarding maintenance.

In order to move this project forward I have suggested a get together of interested parties to discuss an action plan. I have invited representatives of all the businesses, Jennifer Wharton (Wellesbourne in Bloom), Eve England (Landscape Architect) and Polly Oldfield (initiator of the project) to come to a meeting at the Parish Council office at 6pm on Wednesday 7th December for a chat over light refreshments to discuss planting plans and maintenance commitments.

Cllr Eric Lawley writes:


Work resurfacing part of the Loxley Road from the roundabout to the lay-by is due to start on 3rd December, disruption is inevitable.

Work by the Coop during November has been to clear the ditch, the lay-by has been used for temporary dumping of the spoil but we are assured that this will be cleared away when the work is complete.

Safety on our roads is important. We know that several of our residents use electric buggies both on the pavements and on the village roads. It has been brought to our attention that one gentleman is using his on the A429 travelling towards the Sainsburys store. The identity of the driver is not known. This is clearly very dangerous and the Council would urge the driver to use a safer route via village footways.

Lorries for the Distribution Park are regularly missing the entrance and travelling along Loxley Road and either turning in the lay-by and churning up the grass or going beyond and turning at Knights Lane.


The Payback team have visited most of the sites that require cleaning –

Unlikely to be able to use power wash under the A429 bridge due to the risk of contaminated run off into the river. Parts of the underpass can be power washed but it is recommend that the non-tiled portion is painted.

The brick and concrete walls and some fences will be power washed.

Wipes will be used on the electrical / communications cabinets due to the risk of water damage if power washed, if this is unsuccessful the recommendation is to repaint the cabinets.

Access required to the Mountford sports field to be able to clean the garage walls.

Pictures and location maps have been provided to the team.