Report of WWPC meeting, 15/11/2016

This report has appeared in the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald.

Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council Meeting 15th November 2016

At an extraordinary meeting on 15th November, Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council considered two planning issues, one of which attracted a lot of public attention.

The first application was from Persimmon Homes for approval of the details of Phase 1 of their development on land off Ettington Road. This phase is for 227 dwellings adjacent the existing Dovehouse Drive housing. The Council did not object to the plans but commented on the apparent lack of footways alongside many of the internal roadways and the provision of two houses at the rear of Gloster Gardens that are proposed to be two and a half storeys in height. It was felt these would look incongruous in the street scene and would be too close to the existing dwellings. Concern was expressed over the lack of bungalows and the Council asked for the boundary between the play area/open space and the farmland to the south to be made secure to ensure the safety of children.

The second application is from Braemar Mid Ltd and is a revised outline proposal for 86 dwellings on land to the east of Kineton Road. The revisions appear only to cover improvements to the Kineton Road access to the public footpath that crosses the site. Several members of the public were at the meeting and reiterated their opposition to the proposal. The Parish Council agreed to repeat their previous objections adding that since the plan was first submitted, the Core Strategy has been adopted and the Neighbourhood Plan has moved close to completion. The site contravenes the proposals for new housing in both plans. The Council also agreed to reinforce its concerns over the proposed access on to the Moreton Morrell Road following recent serious accidents on the bend close to the access point.

With both applications the Parish Council and the public had found it impossible to comment in detail because the District Council had not sent hard copies of the latest plans and viewing the plans on the website is very difficult. The Parish Council can only print the plans onto A4 which is too small to work with. The Council agreed to protest to the District Council that this effectively denies the public and the Parish Council the legal right to effective consultation.