Full Council meeting, 1/11/2016 – Minutes


Minutes of a meeting of the Council which took place on Tuesday 1st November 2016 at 7.30 pm at the Methodist Hall in Bridge Street Wellesbourne

Kathryn Hollinrake, Clerk to the Council                                                                                          4th November 2016

Present Cllr Mrs Prior, Chairman; Councillors Mrs Bartlett, Close, Heaton, Mrs Hurdman, Kendall, Lawley, Mrs Michael and Shepherd. Clerk Ms Hollinrake. Members of public 16.

  1. Welcome
  1. Approval for Apologies of Absence – Cllr Mrs Bolton                      
  1. Declarations of Interest

         Cllr EL non-pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to Chedham’s Yard as a trustee.

Cllr DK non pecuniary interest as director of WSCC.

Cllr AP non pecuniary interest as director of WSCC; and pecuniary interest in item 11.3 Chairman’s allowance.

Cllr CM non pecuniary interest as director of WSCC.

Cllr DC non pecuniary interest in planning application 16/00364/TREE, item 10.5.1; and non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to Chedham’s Yard as a trustee.

  1. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – confirmed
  1. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – a staffing matter arising from item 6 was moved to confidential session.
  1. Confirmation of the minutes of Council Meetings. The minutes of 20th September were agreed; the minutes of 27th September were amended to show Cllr CM had been present and were agreed; the minutes of 4th October were amended and agreed following discussion of a staffing matter that was moved to confidential session. The minutes of 11th October were agreed; the minutes of 18th October were amended to note that apologies had been received from Cllrs VB, FH and DK but were deferred to the next meeting to clarify the item numbering.
  1. Matters arising (not included in the agenda)

         WSCC – Cllr FH noted that she would have liked to have attended the ‘key return’ meeting at WSCC on 21st October and asked about the formal opening. Cllr AP stated that a low key opening would take place in December 2016 with a major public opening in January 2017, underpinned by a marketing plan.

News article – Cllr AP stated that she had written to the Chief Constable, copied to the Police and Crime Commissioner, to express her concern about poor communication as the Council had not been made aware of the arrangement for police to use the library; nor did the SNT appear to have prior knowledge. A response is awaited. She had not therefore put this in the Wellesbourne and Walton Parish News.

Liaison with WCC – Cllr AP reported that she had agreed, on a trial basis in the interest of partnership working, to meet with Ms Wilson-Patterson from WCC, and the Clerk, monthly, starting in November, to discuss relevant matters. She would report these meetings to Council.

7.1   Youth meeting The Clerk confirmed that a meeting was scheduled for 10th November with local youth services and Ms Wilson-Patterson.

7.2   Extent of minutes. Cllr AS commented that as Mr Davies had raised a request for fuller minutes, especially regarding answers to questions raised in meetings, the matter should be considered by the Council. Cllr AP noted that Cllr RB had clarified that only answers given in a meeting could be recorded in the minutes. The meeting agreed that acronyms should be used with care; that minutes should be kept concise; and that questions that could not be answered within the meeting should be addressed later via matters arising or follow up with the person concerned.

  1. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

John Hargis, Chapel Street, raised the issue of dog mess on the footpath off Lowes Lane and requested a sign and/or dog waste bin. This matter was deferred to the Amenities Committee. He also raised concerns about Chestnut Square building works, with damage to the grass caused by parking. Cllr AP noted that WCC were bollarding the other side of the street but there were no plans for this side, except for one bollard on the corner of Chapel Street.

Pat Mc Donaugh, Mountford Close, asked why minutes of all committee meetings are not made available to the public for Council meetings, just chair’s reports. Cllr AP advised these minutes were available on the website.

Lionel Davis, Oxford Way, asked if the digital projector could be used at public meetings. Cllr AP replied that the projector was provided primarily for planning applications, but it was not proving effective. It required a signal, not available in the Methodist Hall. Mr Davis expressed concern that his email to the Council about maximising section 106 funding to deal with the pressure over the next two years on school places due to new housing, was not on the agenda as promised. He was referred to item 21.1’Planning and Section 106 monies’. Cllr AP explained that use of section 106 monies was generally the remit of WCC, which allocated the funds to schools on a priority rather than geographic basis. Cllr DK confirmed this position.DK. The meeting noted Mr Davis’ concern about pressure on school places in the future.

Rob Hopkins, Warwick Road, raised concerns about the amended planning application (16/01938/FUL) regarding the change of use of Bargain Booze to a restaurant and take away. He disputed the parking survey; noted that there was no Highways report; and hoped the Council would continue to object as the amendments had not addressed the issues. Stuart Yates, Warwick Road, queried the accuracy of the amendments and raised concerns about noise, music and the potential for anti-social behaviour. Duncan Stringer, Warwick Road, stated that his original objections still pertained, noting concerns about the impact on a conservation area, parking, anti-social hours of opening and effect on residents. A discussion of these issues followed under item 10.3.

  1. County Council matters /District Council matters

Cllr Mrs Parry – the meeting noted her report.

Cllr Parry advised that, following a meeting with Street Scene regarding the poor quality of grass cutting, a new contractor had been appointed.

In response to Cllr AS’s question about dog wardens, Cllr Parry indicated that Ms Parkes was not easily contactable, the priority for the role being stray dogs.

Cllr DK reported that he and Cllr EL had met with WCC regarding flooding on Newbold Road, the matter was in hand. 

  1. Planning – Cllr AP

Approvals, Refusals, Applications

10.1   Decisions

101.1 Approvals with conditions


16/02012/FUL Full application for the change of land from agricultural use to storage for the purposes of siting 50 storage containers, associated hard standing and removal of an earth bund.
At Newlands Caravan Site, Loxley Road For Mr Warr



16/02940/TEL Upgrade of existing street works pole (12.5m) and associated cabinets
At Orange site, adjacent Fire Station For Orange



16/02561/FUL Proposed erection of single storey front extension
At 16 Ettington Close For Mrs Tonge



16/02261/ADV Proposed erection of various signs around distribution park to include internally illuminated estate sign on Loxley roundabout, flag sign on approach, internally illuminated gatehouse sign, tenants sign and internally illuminated directional sign.
At Wellesbourne Distribution Park For Mr McGuigan



Certificate of lawful proposed use or development

16/02981/LDP Installation of external wall insulation to all elevations
At 1 Newbold Place For Orbit Housing


10.2   Application withdrawn

16/01432/FUL Full application for demolition of the existing medical centre and construction of 4 no 4 bedroomed dwellings with associated access and parking
At Hastings House Medical Centre For Danny O’Flannagan


10.3      Application amended

16/01938/FUL Change of use from class A1 retail to class A3 restaurant with ancillary take away



  Amended elevations with amended flue height and flue boxing details

Amended odour assessment received following comments from Environmental Health

Amended noise assessment received following comments from Environmental Health

Parking survey received to address issues raised by Highways Authority.


At Bargain Booze For Mr Atwal


The meeting heard extensive objections as the issues of noise, anti-social behaviour, traffic, parking, amenity in a conservation area were considered unresolved. Cllr DK noted that evidence would be needed to dispute the parking survey. Mr Yates agreed to provide the Council Clerk with date and time stamped digital photographs to cover different times of the day over a four day period, to include a Friday and Saturday, to evidence the parking situation. This to include the lay by and any other area he considered relevant. Objectors wishing to attend were advised to register and to submit any evidence ahead of the Planning Committee meeting.

The Council objected to the amended application on the same grounds as previously and on account of the parking issue. The Council agreed to submit the photographic evidence, if provided by Mr Yates.

10.4 Appeals

16/00364/FUL Demolition of existing garage and erection of two dwellings
At 9 Kineton Road For Mr Page

The appeal is being dealt with by written representations and comments must be submitted before 15th November 2016. The meeting noted disappointment about the appeal, permission having been granted for one dwelling. The Council would review its position in response to the appeal in the light of the Core Strategy.

10.5 Applications


16/03340/TREE – 701: Lime: remove basal and epicormic growth to 3m.

– 703: Lime: remove major dead wood.

– 704: Beech (3 stems): remove low limb of 150mm diameter over graves at 2m east on separated stem.

– 705: Beech: reduce lateral spread of branches on limb over graves by up to 3m to suitable branch junctions.

– 707: Beech: reduce lateral spread of branches on limb over graves by up to 3m to suitable branch junctions.

– 713: Yew: remove major dead wood.

– 714: Conifer: reduce height by 4m-5m and prune out major dead wood.

– 720: Yew: remove major dead wood.

– 721: Yew: remove major dead wood.

– 722: Yew: remove major dead wood.

– 723: Yew: reduce height and spread by up to 4m.

– 724: Yew: remove major dead wood.

– 725: Prunus: reduce height by approx 3m.

– 726: Oak: remove major dead wood.

– 727: Oak: reduce crown to clear overhead wires by approx 1m and remove major dead wood.

– 728: Sycamore: remove hanging branches and major dead wood, reduce elongated branch ends by up to 4m.

– 729: Prunus (3 stems): remove hanging branches and major dead wood.

– 731: Hawthorn: remove major dead wood.

– 734: Yew: remove hanging branches and major dead wood.

– 737: Lime: remove major dead wood.

– 738: Lime: remove major dead wood.

– 741: Sycamore: reduce four elongated branches by approx 2m-3m and remove major dead wood.

– Untagged: Maple: reduce crown to clear overhead branches by approx 1m and remove major dead wood

At St Peters Church, Church Street For St Peters Church
Planning officer Assistant Planner Date 7th November 2016

The Council did not object and noted the application demonstrated good arboreal husbandry.


16/03204/FUL Proposed single storey rear extension. Insertion of conservation roof lights to rear
At 3 Garden Terrace For Jorge Garland
Planning officer Amy Flute Date 8th November 16

The Council supported the application as improving the amenity of the house, to match the neighbouring property.


16/03388/TREE T1 willow: re-pollard to previous points
At Willow Dene, Chapel Street For Mr Wyatt (CTS Forestry)
Planning officer Assistant planner Date 9th November 16

The Council supported the application as good tree husbandry.


16/03386/TREE T1: Beech reduce crown by between 25% and 30% (2.5m), thin crown by 10%

T2 Yew reduce crown by between 20% and 25% (1m-1.5m)

At Meadow Cottage For Mr Wyatt (CTS Forestry)
Planning officer Assistant planner Date 9th November 16

The Council supported the application as good tree husbandry.


16/03282/FUL Two storey and first floor side extension and single storey rear extension
At 18 Waterloo Close For Mr Edington
Planning officer Amy Flute Date 11th November 16

The Council had no objection but wished to point out that access to the utility room was via the toilet.


16/03404/COUO Prior notification of a change of use of existing offices B1a to create 41 new dwellings
At Wellesbourne House For Mr Einstein
Planning officer Richard Bergman Date 15th November 16

The Council noted that it had no right of comment in this case.

10.6   Neighbourhood Plan

10.6.1 Mr Hargis reported that SDC had appointed a consultant to complete a screening report. He has identified two concerns, which Mr Hargis is rebutting. Firstly the assessment of the flood risk on the north fields, despite the approach having been agreed with WCC and the Environment Agency. Secondly, sequential testing, where evidence that the north and east and not the south are the appropriate building areas is challenged. A response from SDC is awaited. If funding is required for further evaluation, the plan is likely to be held up. The Council noted Mr Hargis’s request to identify £1,000 from next year’s Council’s to fund any extra assessments, if necessary. Mr Hargis advised that two supplementary reports, on public consultation and compliance with guidelines would be provided to the Council by 22nd November 2016.

10.7 Date of next Area Planning Meeting: 16th November 2016 2016.

  1. Finance Committee – Cllr AS

11.1   Chairman’s report noted. Cllr AS appraised the meeting of the Community Grant applications received by today’s deadline. These would be discussed at the next Finance Committee.

11.1.1 Public Works Loan Board application. Cllr As explained that permission to seek the loan should have been obtained by WALC. This resolution was required to remedy this omission.

Resolution that the Council seek the agreement of the Secretary of State for the proposed borrowing of £200,000 to be taken from the Public Works Loan Board with a repayment period of ten years Prop Cllr   AS

2nd Cllr BH Carried unanimously

11.2   Feedback from Grant Thornton, auditors, on audit for year ended March 2016 – no issues. The Council determined to challenge the significant fee increase before settling the invoice, which was removed from the checklist.

Action: Ask Grant Thornton to explain the reasons for requiring repeated information, for the delay in offering their opinion; and for doubling of their fee. By Clerk

11.3  Approval of monthly accounts as per attached cheque list – Grant Thornton invoice deferred. Cllr AP left the meeting for this item (Chairman’s expenses).

Approval of monthly accounts as per attached checklist minus Grant Thornton Prop Cllr AS 2nd Cllr DK Carried unanimously

11.4 Cllr AS confirmed that the salary of the Clerk had been adjusted to account for a reduction in hours.

Approval of staff salaries Prop AS 2nd Cllr DK Carried unanimously

11.5   Date of next meeting – 13thh December November 2016.

  1. Amenities and Highways Committee – Cllr DC

12.1   Chairman’s report – noted. Cllr DC advised of a correction – the lights cost £1,107

12.2   Cllr DC reported that he had received two letters asking for a dog ban on Mountfield Sports field, due to the problem of dog excrement. He outlined action to date, including notices and flyers, noting the difficulty of balancing the interests of dog owners and those of other residents. The meeting discussed possible options including the pros and cons of a dog ban on the playground and sports field. Cllr AP stated that initial estimates for fencing the play area commenced at £13,000; a dog ban posed issues of enforcement.

Action: To investigate nationally the effectiveness of dog restriction orders to enable the Amenities Committee to bring forward appropriate recommendations; and to respond to Ms Allman and the Sports Association By: Cllr Close
Action : Draw the matter of dog excrement and dogs not on leads on the sports field to the attention of the SNT By: Clerk

12.3   Christmas lights Cllr AP reported that the Council had clarified the position with Walton Estate as to liability.

Action: Inform Walton Estate of this year’s Christmas lights arrangements By: Cllr EL and Clerk


12.3.1 Cllr AP outlined the events planned around the ‘switch on’ scheduled for 26th November and sought assistance from councillors. She reported that Walton Church would like a tree this year.

12.4   Date of next meeting 13th December 2016.       

  1. WSCC Committee – Cllr AP

13.1   Chairman’s report noted. Cllr AP reported that a manager had been appointed, to start on 5th December 16. Snagging issues would be addressed; the project was progressing well.

13.2 Cllr AS reported on a meeting with the Council solicitor and Clerk regarding the lease from the Parish Council to WSCC and explained the rationale for the legal advice given.

Recommendation: that the Council accepts the solicitor’s professional advice and amends its requirements such that the Council would insure the buildings and seek reimbursement from the WSCC Charity for that part of the premium attributable to the WSCC building and MUGA.


Prop AS

2nd Cllr BH


Recommendation: As a failure to provide sports and community activities would give grounds to terminate the lease, it is recommended that the Council accepts the solicitor’s advice and does not require that, in case of the WSCC Charity ceasing to be registered with the Charity Commission and /or seeking to change its charitable objects without the Council’s written permission, these would be events of default allowing the Council to terminate the lease.   Prop AS

2nd Cllr BH


13.3 Advice from Came & Company, insurers – Cllr AS reported that the building was insured by the Council, reducing to basic cover due to unoccupancy. Given the improvements, the insurers had recommended a new valuation be sought. This will be considered for inclusion in next year’s budget.

13.4   Date of next meeting – 15th November 2016. 

  1. Emergency Committee – Cllr EL

14.1   Chairman’s update – report noted. Cllr EL stated that there were no plans for the water flow in the brook as yet but he would progress the issue. He outlined a positive meeting with Orbit Housing, regarding safeguarding the welfare of their residents in case of flooding/emergency. Cllr AP requested that Cllr EL send Kineton Parish Council an example of a Welcome Pack.

14.2   Date of next meeting – 25th April 2017.

  1. Office & Staffing Committee – Cllr RB

15.1   Chairman’s update – none. Cllr AP reported that a ‘return to work’ plan was currently being put in place.

15.2     Date of next meeting – to be arranged.

  1. Consultation on boundary change

The meeting discussed the proposals, noting with concern the inefficacy of having four constituencies and that boundaries appeared to be redrawn on the basis of numbers, not existing communities. The Council approved the inclusion of Wellesbourne and Walton into the Stratford constituency.

Action: Complete the survey giving views of Council By: Cllr AP and Clerk
  1. Village Hall – report noted.
  1. Community Buildings Capital Grant. Cllr AP sought ideas. The suggestion of the village hall car park was discounted as the Council does not own the land and it would not meet the criteria. Cllr AS suggested clearing the land on Dog Close. 
  1. Future role of the Community Forum – Cllr AP

19.1 The Council discussed the questions posed by WCC in its review of community forums, which were seen as more effective in relation to policing issues but overall, to be in need of a rethink.

Action: Complete survey giving views of Council By: Clerk
  1. Chedham’s Yard

20.1     Cllr EL reported on a well-attended Halloween event. He publicised a visit by Austin owners groups on 9th December and emphasised the Christmas events taking place on 10th December.

20.2      Newsletter – Cllr EL reminded all of the current newsletter and explained its distribution to different groups.

  1. Wellesbourne and Walton News

21.1   Proposed contents Cllr AP asked for any news items to be forwarded to her.

21.1.1 Planning and Section 106 contributions – Cllr AP explained section 106 funding in relation to schools.

21.1.2 Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr AP to provide an update article.

21.1.3 WSCC –Cllr AP to provide an update article.

Action: Articles on Section 106 funding; WSCC progress ; and Neighbourhood Plan to be placed in the December Newsletter By: Cllr AP

22 Cllr and Clerk Exchange of Information

22.1 Cllr EL expressed his disappointment that Chedham’s Yard were not invited to have a stall inside the hall at the lights switch-on event.

Action: Pass on concerns that Chedham’s Yard not invited to run a stall By: Cllr AP

22.2 Cllr DC observed that he had noticed an increase in volume of commercial aircraft, flying at lower altitude.

Action: Contact Birmingham Airport to investigate a possible increase in volume of commercial planes, flying at low altitude By: Cllr DC

22.3 Cllr VB voiced concern about coaches in Walton en route to the Hall and asked for a sign at the top of Walton Road.

Action: Pursue issue with SDC By: Cllr DK
Action: Bring to the attention of Walton Hall By: Clerk

22.4 Cllr VB queried if the Whiteroom signage, opposite the Watermill, had planning permission.

Action: Ascertain from SDC if the Whiteroom signage had planning permission By: Cllr DK

22.5 Cllr FH stated that the road surface on Loxley Road was now dangerous; and that a 50mph sign was needed.

Cllr DK confirmed that the matter was in hand but the resurfacing would be held back pending completion of the works.

22.6 Cllr AP informed the meeting of the Remembrance Service, on 13th December at 10.15 at St Peter’s Church. The Council had ordered a wreath.

22.7 The Clerk asked for any additional suggestions as to tasks for the volunteers from Jaguar Land Rover.

22.8 The Clerk informed the meeting of the SLCC cemetery consultation, she would complete on behalf of the Council.

22.9 The Clerk confirmed a meeting had been set up with Charlecote on 8th November to discuss links with the community, in view of closure of the concession scheme in February 2017.

22.10 The Clerk informed the Council of the consultation taking place on phase three of the Superfast Broadband roll out, ending on 30th November. 

  1. Items/reports for the next meeting by 22 November

24     Table of monthly meeting dates 

Finance 8th November
WSCC 15th November 


 Under section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest, as if members of the public were present during the consideration of such business, there would be disclosure to them of exempt information under paras 1 and 11 and Part 1 Schedule 12A of the said Act, that the public will be excluded.

 A confidential staffing matter was discussed, arising from the minutes of the meeting of 4th October 2016. The minutes were amended and agreed.

 The meeting closed at 10.35pm




Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior