Amenities and Highways Committee report, November 2016

Cllr David Close, Chairman of the Amenities and Highways Committee, writes:

The following matters were discussed at the Committee at its meeting held on Tuesday 12th October:

  1. The budget for the full year 15/16 is likely to be underspent and it was resolved the additional money required (£1007) to place the Christmas lights in the Precinct would be funded from the underspend of grass cutting.
  2. The budget for 16/17 will to be slightly less than the previous budget but includes extra costs for the grass cutting of Dog Close and the Newbold field and the Christmas lights. The budget has now to be scrutinised by the Finance Committee
  3. Heather Brown is the chairman of OSCARS (the over 60’s Community and Recreation Scheme), which was set up in conjunction with community Nurse Heidi Williams, to try to promote wider opportunities for older people. A first initiative is to provide additional seats within the village in order to give less mobile residents the opportunity to rest while out walking. OSCARS have identified four potential sites, which will be funded from grants, as will the possibility of other seats initiated by other community minded people. The Committee agreed to consult with County Highways and local residents on the best position of these seats
  4. Providing funding for replacement litter bins was included in the budget.
  5. Concern was expressed about gravel moving from driveways to the pavement thus making the pavement potentially unsafe. County Highways are to be consulted
  6. It was decided the proposal of a dog ban on the Mountford Sports field should be brought to Full Council for consideration. Enquiries would also be made to cost the fencing of the children’s play area.
  7. Mountford Close traffic is continuing to be a problem – mainly due to inconsiderate drivers, about which little can be done. However, the committee agreed to canvass opinions of residents to seek their views on a compulsory one way system. When they were consulted fifteen years ago they were against the proposal.
  8. There is still no resolution to the overlap of contracts for some of the bus shelter cleaning between the Parish Council and the County Council
  9. Overall there had been very positive feedback on the parking restrictions on Bridge Street and the Precinct. The County Council is to be contacted to extend limited parking to the Warwick Road which has now become a long term park to the detriment of shops.
  10. Community Feedback team is to meet Cllrs at the beginning of November to view the current graffiti problems.
  11. So far, there hasn’t been any progress on the community speed watch scheme. Residents interested in taking part should contact the Parish Council Office so that training can be organised.
  12. Responses to change to the X15 and X18 service has been mixed (Stagecoach will not alter their new schedule).
  13. Investigation of the pollution by the Dene Bridge is still taking place but the use of cameras has been deferred until the possibility of pollution from a particular property has been fully investigated.
  14. It was agreed to approach a resident who is an expert in draftsmanship to produce a map of the footpaths within in the Parish.