WSCC Committee: Chairman’s report, Oct 2016

Cllr Anne Prior, Chairman of the WSCC Committee, writes:

The committee met on 13th September. At the time I reported that the build was still behind schedule but that a hand over date would be given at the next valuation meeting on September 15th. At that meeting the date was set as 21 October. On the 18th October, we will be taken around the building and shown all the fixtures and given instructions about them. There will be an operations book but that is to follow. Richard, our project manager, suggested I video the tour and I think I may do this.

Our bid for funding from Tesco was unsuccessful but we have been asked to apply again.

The application for the PWLB loan has been sent off.

The working group reported back on what it had been doing. We now have a number of volunteers to be trustees. One is an accountant and that will be very useful. The group covers a cross section of the village and we feel that is helpful.

By the time this report is read, we will have set up the company bank account and the telephone line will have been reconnected. The building now also has a postcode. We have advertised for a manager and there has been interest expressed by a number of people. We have also had people expressing an interest in any part time posts that might be available.

The planning permission for the MUGA has now been granted.

White room (design agency) have passed on the various logo versions for our use along with a layout for flyers and newsletters. We are exploring the costs of signs for inside and outside the building. There is a great deal to do and tasks have been allocated to all members of the group.

The clerk, Kathryn, the temporary clerk, and I met with the Council’s solicitor to complete the Charity registration. I understand that there is a process that will include a lot of enquiries before it is set up.

Barry Coleman gave details of the monies available from the Youth Service and said a letter would follow to the clerk as requested.

On 21st September, Cllr Michael and I met with the project manager and I am pleased to say that the project is coming in on budget.