Office and Staffing Committee: Chairman’s report, October 2016

Councillor Rosalind Bolton, Chairman of the Office and Staffing Committee, writes:

The Committee last met on 19 September 2016.

Data storage: the committee continues to seek a less labour-intensive and more constant method of backing up office data

Budget 2017/18: it was noted that the office will be due to be painted internally this year in accordance with the lease conditions. It is proposed to use the same colour scheme as at present subject to landlord approval

The committee recommends that, as the Wellesbourne and Walton News carries a council report in every issue and therefore helps the council to fulfil its obligation to publicise what it does, a budgeted figure to support the production of the newsletter should replace the annual grant given hitherto – see the resolution on the full council agenda

 Transparency requirements: a system is being worked out for ensuring that we comply promptly with our obligation to publish spending/contract/committee activity details on the web-site. We are grateful to Cllr Michael for undertaking this posting

Staffing matters

Appraisals for the Clerk and the Administrative Assistant are up to date. An appraisal will be arranged for the RFO when he has served for a year

Cllr AP attended a WALC training event on pension provision and noted that WWPC was ahead of a number of other councils in its arrangements, for which we must thank the Clerk

Clerk’s absence: Mrs Hollinrake was able to spend part of the Clerk’s last week at work in the office and has now taken on the cover role. She has pre-booked holiday which will prevent her from taking the October meeting of full council and we are grateful to Mrs Lipman for standing in.

The Clerk’s work as financial assistant will be covered by the RFO and Cllr Shepherd. Salaries have already been programmed to be paid when due

Councillor/staff relations: this will be proposed as a confidential item on the full council agenda with a recommended resolution from the committee