Amenities and Highways Committee: Chairman’s report, October 2016

Amenities report

Councillor David Close, Chairman of the Amenities & Highways Committee, writes:

Seats in the Precinct – there has been a request for seating around the herb garden, there is the potential that money could be raised independent of the council. Advice required from the council on this proposal regarding procedure.

Highways Report

Councillor Eric Lawley, Vice-Chairman of the Amenities & Highways Committee, writes:

Loxley Road – work is continuing on the pavement and light columns have been installed.

Graffiti – no additional graffiti has appeared since the survey in February. We are now awaiting confirmation from the ‘pay back’ team at which point authorisation will be sought from the residents affected before cleaning can start.

Road Signs – awaiting action by WCC Highways dept.

Bollards – awaiting WCC Highways dept In the meantime vehicles are continuing to park on the grass outside the Stags Head and have destroyed the grass. Residents are concerned that having approved the bollards nothing has happened.

Parking – There has been some very positive feedback on the effects of the restricted parking with a regular ‘turn over’ of vehicles. The SDC Enforcement team are working in the village and issuing penalty notices as appropriate.

Drain Examination – the camera scanning of the drains has been postponed whilst and new problem found associated with the Stags Head is resolved.

Dropped Kerb in Valletta Way – request from a disabled wheel chair user for the kerb in line with the underpass in Valetta Way should be lowered as she finds it impossible to manoeuvre her cumbersome device to the dropped sections either side of the underpass. Her only option to get to Sinsburys is to cross the A429 at the roundabout.

Christmas Lights – Walton Estate has now agreed to allow lighting in the Precinct and on the Village Hall subject to some minor constraints. A follow-up meeting with the contractor has confirmed that these limitations can be met without an adverse effect on the impact.