Emergency Committee and Conservation Working Group: Chairman’s report, Oct 2016

Emergency Committee

Councillor Eric Lawley, Chairman of the Emergency Committee, writes:

Meeting with Environment Agency on 9th Sept. Some minor changes are required to the Emergency Plan which will be presented to the Emergency Committee for consideration. EA are primarily an advisory body with respect to flooding. All ditches, trees and other features close to the river / brook are the responsibility of the landowner.

With respect to the Newbold brook this falls under the remit of the Flood Risk and Water Management Team; Transport and Economy; Communities; Warwickshire County Council

They have no plans to do anything with the brook in the 2016 programme.

Meeting with Orbit 14th Sept. was constructive. Prior to the meeting Orbit had provided new contact numbers for their company and these will be included in the Emergency Plan. A follow-up meeting is planned for early October.

It is proposed that new / replacement pages will be issued for the current plan rather than a complete re-print subject to council approval.

At the time of writing the meeting scheduled for 21 September had not been held. There will be a verbal update at the Oct Meeting.

Next Meeting scheduled for 25th April 2017

Conservation Working Group Report – October

The group is continuing to work on the project of producing a viable document to present to SDC relating to classifying Walton as a Conservation area.