WSCC Committee meeting, 13/9/2016 – Minutes


Minutes of the Wellesbourne Sports and Community Centre Committee meeting on Tuesday 13th September 2016 at 7.30pm at the Parish Council Office, 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present; Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior Councillors: Kendall, Mrs Michael, Heaton Non Council members: Mr Coleman, Mrs Cook, Mr Dowsett; Mrs Scriven; Ms Hollinrake (acting Clerk). Members of the public: 0

  1. Welcome
  1. Apologies for absence – Cllrs Bartlett, Mrs Hurdman, Mr Thomas; and Mrs Woodhouse
  1. Declarations of Interest

Cllr AP declared a non – pecuniary interest as director of the WSCC company.

Cllr DK declared a non – pecuniary interest as director of the WSCC company.

Cllr CM declared a non – pecuniary interest as director of the WSCC company.

  1. Confirmation of the Order of the Agenda – agreed
  1. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – None
  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of the meeting 12th July & 10th August 2016

12th July, proposed by Cllr DK, seconded by Cllr BH, carried

10th August, proposed by Cllr BH, seconded by Cllr CM, carried.

  1. Matters arising (not within the agenda) – None
  1. Open session for members of public to raise matters of relevance to the Parish –   None
  1. Contract update – Cllr AP

9.1        Update on work schedule – Cllr AP reported that the minutes of the valuation meeting on 18th August had not been distributed due to holiday. A provisional handover date of mid-October was anticipated but it was noted that this may not be possible given the amount of work outstanding. Building control indicated a vertical bannister is required, for safety reasons – Mr Walker would seek a quote from the builder, sufficient funds would be available within the contingency.

VAT – work on the annexe was zero rated and VAT has been reclaimed on other works. Regarding non-fixed assets, such as carpets, separately annotated invoices would be supplied. Photographs had been updated onto WSCC face book page and in the Wellesbourne and Walton news.

10         Fundraising – Cllr AP/Mrs Woodhouse

10.1      Tesco Bid – Cllr AP reported that the initial application to Tesco was unsuccessful. Mrs Woodhouse is re-submitting a bid.

10.2      Buy a Brick – The scheme has raised in the region of £9,000, with donations still being received, £1,000 from Persimmon. £2.500 from the street fayre had been received which would assist with fixtures and fittings.

Action: obtain quotes for Perspex etching; consider if corridor walls can be used for the displays. By: Mrs Woodhouse and Mr Dowsett
  1. Public Works Loans Board

11.1      PWLB update Cllr AP reported WALC had received the application and a decision should be reached with 4 weeks. The MUGA planning application closure date is 27th September, there are currently 4 residents objecting. Mr Dowsett raised concern about the fencing dividing the pitch, which could limit commercial renting potential. He also considered the lighting plan needed review.

Action – discuss fencing and lighting issues with Mr Whitehouse.

Action – discuss the same with the Project Manager.

By: Cllr DK


By: Cllr AP

  1. Working group update

12.1      WSCC Charitable Trust now set up with 3 directors, Cllrs AP, DK CM. Sue Hodgkinson, previously a parish councillor, Joanne Ford, an accountant, Jenny Shorrocks and Mrs Woodhouse had agreed to be trustees.

Cllr CM produced a list of jobs to do before opening, including opening a bank account, post code, insurance and utilities. She confirmed the advert for a centre manager had been posted, one application has been received, with additional CVs pending. The advert had been placed on Gumtree and, in case of lack of interest, would be posted on sports sector websites. Mr Coleman asked about a ‘grand opening’ including a celebrity, leading to a discussion of possible sports related and/or local VIPs. Cllr AP advised that the aim would be to get the centre open for business as soon as possible, with a formal opening at a later date.

The Clerk advised that all HMRC registrations needed to be set up, now the company had been established.

Action: Set up HMRC Gateway, once company number received. By: office


12.2      Preparation for fit out and opening of facility – next meeting scheduled for October to review the list of outstanding jobs. Ms Hodgkinson has actioned obtaining a post code and Ms Ford was investigating booking software and pensions. The Clerk had provided fit out costs, including having addressed issues with pipes affecting the height of changing room benches. Cllr AP will email Mr Dowsett a provisional opening date for the changing rooms following her meeting with the builders at the valuation meeting on Thursday 15 September. Mrs Cook raised the question of changing room cleaning. Cllr AP was awaiting a quote on different rental / hire/ purchase options for gym equipment and information on a pricing schedule.     


Action: Inform Mr Dowsett of a provisional opening date for changing rooms.


Action: Approach The Warwickshire Health Club to explore acquisition of their exchanged gym equipment.

By: Cllr AP




By: Mr Dowsett

  1. Marketing update – Cllr CM showed Whiteroom’s final logo and newsletter suggestions, (appended to minutes as Appendix 1). The Working Group would make final decisions, including signage for outside the building – the material was well received.
Action: Letter of thanks to Whiteroom. By: Office
  1. Charitable Status – A meeting with a council solicitor is scheduled for 15th September. Trustees will need to agree the lease.
  1. Cllrs, Clerk and non-members Exchange of Information

Mr Dowsett expressed interest in becoming a trustee.

Mr Coleman fed back on information received on the Youth Service offer – Clerk to progress

Cllr BH thanked Cllr AP for her hard work and fortitude in progressing the project so well

  1. Date of next meeting 15th November 2016 (earlier meeting may be arranged)

There being no other business to discuss, the meeting closed at 8.25pm

Chairman Cllr Mrs Prior………………..