Amenities & Highways Committee meeting, 9/8/2016 – Minutes


Minutes of the Amenities Highways Committee which met on Tuesday 9th August 2016 at 7.30 pm at the Parish Council office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

 Present: Chairman Cllr Close, Cllrs Heaton, Lawley, Mrs Michael and Mrs Prior

Minutes taken by Admin Asst Mrs Lipman   Members of the public 4

  1. Welcome
  1. Approval of Apologies for Absence

Apologies were given and accepted from Cllrs Mrs Bolton and Thomas and non-Cllr Mrs Cook

  1. Declarations of Interest

         Cllrs DC and EL declared a non-pecuniary interest in Chedham’s Yard as trustees

  1. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda and identification of any items likely to be resolved to confidential session – Additional item speed limits on the A429 was added at 16.3 and items Christmas Lights and cycle routes were added at item 24 and 25.
  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Amenities/Highways meeting of 14th and 28th June 2016 – these were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman of the Council
  1. Approval of Terms of Reference – approved
  1. Matters arising:

Residents’ complaints regarding water spray from car wash in Warwick Road

Following a meeting with Cllrs DC/BH it was agreed that the car washing facility should be moved further back and the hedge left to grow.

ACTION Write to Mr Francis thanking him for his co-operation BY Office

Litter by garages at rear of shops in Kineton Road – the problem had been resolved

Installation of Bollards at Chestnut Square/Chapel Street update – installation awaited from WCC

Gyratory signage – update – signage awaited

  1. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

Geoff Rose, Grange Gardens supplied pictures of flooding at the Equidebt site. He raised concerns that a stump grinder had damaged the storm water drain system and asked that SDC planning should be informed

Mike Podbury, Kineton Road said the public were ignoring the disabled parking spaces because the signage was white rather than the customary yellow. He also asked how the restrictions were to be enforced and when the safety railings on Bridge Street would be replaced.

John Brewer, Waterloo Close submitted a list of defects concerning highways and the general appearance of the village. He had backed this up with a comprehensive email to the Council.

Pat McDonaugh, Mountford Close said she was suffering from young people in cars speeding around Mountford Close in the middle of the night. 

  1. Budget 16/17 – It was noted that the Committee was underspent and this should be taken into account when budgeting for 17/18

Amenities Matters

  1. Appearance of Village

10.1   Grass cutting

It was agreed that the land cut by the PC contractor was looking good in contrast to the parts of the village cut by SDC.

ACTION Write to Thomas Fox to thank them for good work BY Office


ACTION Contact Jennifer Wharton at SDC to ask for a meeting BY Office


10.2   OSCARS (Over Sixty Community and Recreation Scheme) report of a meeting held 20th July 2016)

Request for public seating

Proposal for public benches around Wellesbourne OSCARS

Cllr CM reported that the meeting she had attended was very positive with many initiatives proposed. She would liaise with information regarding the siting and funding of benches

  1. Parish Council Handyman

11.1   Update of completed tasks – noted

  1. Childrens’ Play Areas

12.1   Monthly play inspection report – noted

  1. Mountford Sports Field – items identified for attention together with priority rating

(1 soon, 2 fairly soon 3 in the future)

13.1   Manhole cover by lychgate trip hazard                        1

13.2   Manhole cover by playground                                   3

13.3   Dead Elms alongside of Constance Harris Close           3

13.4   Concrete by Constance Harris fence                            1

13.5   Horizontal hurdles opposite Westfield Crescent            3

13.6   Uneven ground around the cricket club                       1

13.7   Removal of concrete posts by cricket net                     1

13.8   Worn bin by bowls Club entrance                             2

13.9   Worn trim trail posts by WSCC                               3

13.10 Loose fence rail opposite WSCC                               2

13.11 Tired and worn dog bins                                          3

ACTION Liaise with handyman regarding time schedule BY DC/Office


13.12 Request from Sports Association for a pedestrian gate at Bowls Club entrance

Cllrs agreed with a suggestion from the Sports Association that that the current metal gate should be removed and not replaced.

ACTION Liaise with handyman regarding time schedule BY DC/Office


  1. Dog Control on Mountford Sportsfield – DC

14.1   Request for dog ban on sports pitches by Sports Association – correspondence from Mr Podbury noted. Following a meeting with Mr Podbury the wording of signage had been agreed and Cllrs agreed to purchase 15 signs requesting users of the Mountford Sports field to keep their dogs off the cricket field.

14.2   Correspondence – noted – item deferred to next A/H meeting.

Dog ban Helen Allman


ACTION Reply to Mrs Allman BY AP


  1. Dovehouse Play Area

15.1   Weeds at Farrington Close end                                 1

15.2   Bindweed covering all boundary hedges                      1

ACTION Seek quotation from Thomas Fox for clearance of bindweed BY Office

Cllrs agreed to employ the Council contractor to clear the bindweed provided the cost was in line with work carried out on the last occasion.

15.3   Gate catch at Duxford Close obstructed                       1

ACTION Instruct handyman if contractor not imminently carrying out hedge pruning BY Office


15.4   Correspondence

Request for tree thinning Rosemary Philpott, Farrington Court

Cllrs agreed to defer a decision for further investigation.

ACTION Reply to Mrs Philpott BY Office

Highways Matters

  1. Roads

16.1   Fletchers Way roundabout- WCC

16.2   Blocked gullies on Loxley Road

ACTION Liaise with SDC enforcement BY EL/Office

16.3   Speed restriction on A429

Cllr EL raised concerns on the implementation of new speed restrictions on the A429. He said these did not accurately represent what had previously been agreed and the matter was being investigated by county WCC Cllr DK

  1. Bus shelter cleaning

17.1   Claim for reimbursement

Information on contact awaited from Cllr DK

17.2   Cleaning of Joseph Arch plaque

It was agreed to obtain quotations for painting the words on the plaque and to ask the Unite union for a contribution. 

  1. Parking

18.1   Proposed Parking restrictions – now in place and being enforced by the enforcement team

18.2   Parking on Dovehouse sportsfield verge

Cllrs agreed to purchase signs to concrete into grass in order to keep the grass in good condition during the winter months

  1. Graffiti

         It was agreed to engage Community Payback to remove current graffiti

ACTION Liaise with Community Payback team and obtain written consent from householders BY EL/Office
  1. Community Speedwatch
ACTION Contact those residents who are interested in being trained BY AP/Office
  1. Public transport

Changes to X15/X18 service

Cllr Anne Parry (SDC) had reported that there was no response from Stagecoach

  1. Correspondence EL
Equidebt site drainage Geoff Rose


ACTION Liaise with Geoff Rose and planning department and copy to Cllr DK BY EL/Office


Highways matters John Brewer

         Correspondence noted

  1. Ettington Road layby

Response from police was that residents must always ring 101 and ask for a crime number

  1. River pollution at Bridge Street

WCC to carry out survey as agreed in very near future

  1. Public rights of Way – nothing to report
  1. Cycle Routes

The Clerk had still been unable to get a response from Sustrans. Email from David Johnston noted regarding safer routes to schools.

ACTION Liaise with Larry Granelly (Chair Wellesbourne Primary School) BY AP/Office
  1. Christmas Lights

Cllrs EL reported that following correspondence from Sheldon Bosley regarding siting of lights it was necessary to have a meeting with the chosen contractor, Cllrs EL/CM/AP to attend.

ACTION Set up meeting with chosen contractor BY EL/CM/Office
  1. Committee and Clerk Exchange of information

Cllrs agreed with Mr Brewer that the area around Sainsbury’s on the Loxley Road needed attention and the visibility from Dovehouse Drive first exit should be improved.

ACTION Write to Sainsbury’s regarding the unkempt shrubbery at the front of the site BY Office


ACTION Instruct lengthsman to cut back vegetation on corner of Dovehouse Drive and discuss a time scale with the lengthsman regarding the widening of the footway along Loxley Road BY DC/Office


ACTION Contact Angela Lloyd (SDC) regarding provision of litter bin at Sainsbury’s bus stop BY DC/Office


Cllr AP reported that she had met with the police together with Cllr EL and the Clerk.

Cllr CM reported that a further Wellesbourne “Happy Video” was to be scheduled for Christmas

Cllr BH reported a poor mobile phone service

Cllr EL reported a concert entitled Chedham’s Stories planned for Friday 9th September in St Peters Church. Tickets available from Live and Local on 01926 402173

  1. Date of next Committee Meeting 11th October 2016 – noted

Meeting ended at 9.30pm

Chairman Cllr David Close

Signed ………………………………

Date …………………………………