Amenities & Highways Committee report, 5/7/2016

Committee Chairman Councillor David Close writes: 

  • At the Committee’s meeting of 14th June Cllr Eric Lawley was elected vice chairman.

Amenities Matters

  • Following a request from Wellesbourne in Bloom, the Committee agreed to add the cutting of the verge in School Road between Talbot Court and the garages to the mowing schedule
  • The Over Sixty’s Community and Recreation Scheme have asked for more benches for pedestrians walking about the village and particularly at some bus stops. The Council currently does not have a budget for this but there might be opportunities for sponsorship and grand funding. A councillor has been invited to join the group. Cllr Christine Michael was nominated
  • Following a report from Mrs Cook, Cllrs agreed that the original plan to place a camera in the pipes to attempt to ascertain the source of pollution of the river at Dene Bridge should be implemented.
  • A report was provided by the Parish Council Handyman of recent work he had done for the Council
  • The Committee agreed to replacing the safety surface and to replace two damaged cradle swing seats on the Dovehouse pay area.
  • Cllr Prior reported the Sports Association requested making the pedestrian gate at the entrance disabled friendly, investigate the uneven ground around the cricket club and to consider dog signs around the Mountford sports pitch because of owners allowing their dogs to foul the actual pitch.
  • The Committee agreed a letter should be sent to the Police Commissioner expressing concerns that complaints about anti-social behaviour on the Ettington Road layby were not accurately recorded.

Councillor Eric Lawley writes:

Highways Matters

  • Car parking changes have been approved by WCC and an order has been placed for the work to go ahead, it is anticipated that this will be completed by the end of August.
  • Gyratory – Meeting between WCC Highways and Cllrs Kendall and Lawely has resulted in an agreement for new signs on the gyratory
  • Bridge Street/Church Street Sat Nav directions are wrong and will be corrected.

Distribution Park – Sat Nav company has accepted their instructions are wrong and will correct. Neither of these changes will give instant results but will help as drivers update their systems.

  • Newbold Road and Charlecote Road – 30mph signs to be added to the road surface at the start of the limit.
  • Currently at least one large vehicle destined for the Industrial Park goes along Loxley Road and turns either into Dovehouse, turns around in the Loxley Road Lay-by or the Sainsburys Car Park. Changes to the distribution Park instructions will affect Sainsburys, we have spoken with the manager who will try to get a dedicated postcode for the store customers.
  • Speed sign on the Ettington Road is not operating due to the over grown trees masking the unit. Lengthsman to be asked to cut the trees back.
  • Bollards at the end on Ettington road lay-by to be installed by Handyman. Bollards at Chestnut Square to be installed by Patch Byrne.
  • Work due to start on the pathway from Miller Homes to the Loxley Road lay-by, concern has been raised by residents to Patch Byrne that part of the existing the pathway in too narrow for pushchairs and electric buggies.
  • Concern was raised with Patch Byrne over a pothole on the Walton Road and he has added it to his schedule for repair.
  • Welcome packs have been distributed to Ettington Park residents and packs given to Miller Homes and Persimmon for their new residents, WWPC delivered to those who had already moved in.
  • Graffiti is a problem – the payback team are unlikely to be able to assist and the purchase of our own equipment has been discussed. Potential HP washer has been identified and sourcing of the solutions is being followed through SDC. Storage of the HP washer and solution has yet to be agreed before any purchase is considered. Overall it is felt that this will be a more cost effective solution to the problem of removal and can be actioned very quickly. Formal permission and agreement from the home owner/s will be required.


Councillor Rosalind Bolton writes:

Footpaths report

Existing paths:

It is useful for the public to notify the Parish Council of obstructions to footpaths. The SD 122, which runs from Chapel Street along the back of Grange Gardens, has recently been cleared.

Reclaiming paths:

The joint parishes group recently met. We intend to complete evidence to support the Ramblers’ existing claim to reinstate the path from Kineton Road which would join up with paths to Newbold Pacey and Moreton Morrell. We note that the planning application documents for the Kineton Road field do include acknowledgement that there is an outstanding claim on this path

The path from Newbold Road which would join up with this is harder to make a claim for. No historical evidence has been uncovered. However, we are trying to collect user evidence – the best we can do. The group would like a plea for people to contribute any memories to be put out on Facebook, but phrased in such a way as not to make landowners defensive and perhaps unhelpful; we could perhaps discuss this.

We have memories of use from Thelma Murphy, Mike Podbury, the Bryans and Stephen England which just needs to be put into formal shape but the Ramblers advise that a rather larger number of past users is needed for there to be any effect.