Amenities & Highways Committee meeting, 14/6/2016 – Minutes


Minutes of the Amenities Highways Committee which met on Tuesday 14th June 2016 at 7.30 pm at the Parish Council office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

 Present Chairman: Cllr Close, Councillors: Mrs Bolton, Heaton, Lawley, Mrs Michael and Mrs Prior non Cllr Mrs Cook   Minutes taken by Admin. Asst. Mrs Lipman

Members of the public:2

  1. Welcome 
  1. Election of Vice-Chair

Cllr Lawley was nominated, (no other nominations received), Prop Cllr AP 2nd Cllr BH carried

  1. Allocation of tasks:

                           Grounds maintenance (currently Cllr DC) – to continue

Highways (currently Clls EL/BH) – to continue

Play Equipment:             Play inspection (currently handyman Ross Podbury) – to continue

Improvement grants (currently Cllr FH) – Cllr Michael

Footpaths (currently Cllr RB) – to continue

River Dene pollution (currently Mrs Cook) – to continue

  1. Approval of Terms of Reference

Agreed amendments to the Terms of Reference were to be circulated to Cllrs and adopted at the next A/H Committee meeting.

  1. Approval of Apologies for Absence – apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Thomas
  1. Declarations of Interest – there were none
  1. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda and identification of any items likely to be resolved to confidential session

It was agreed by the Chairman that an additional item of river pollution should be added to the agenda and is minuted at item 12.3

  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Amenities/Highways meeting of 12th April 2016

These were confirmed and signed by the Chairman Prop Cllr EL 2nd Cllr BH carried

  1. Matters arising:

Residents’ complaints regarding water spray from car wash in Warwick Road and parking on yellow lines in Warwick Road – High pressure water jets were still being used without a shield. Enforcement had been notified of the problem of cars parking on the yellow lines.

ACTION Write to Mr Francis BY Office

Litter by garages at rear of shops in Kineton Road


ACTION Write to letting agents Sheldon Bosley BY Office


ACTION Write to One Stop shop BY Office


Pedestrian access to Age UK Charity Shop – request sent to SDC Cllr Anne Parry

Installation of Bollards at Chestnut Square/Chapel Street update – awaited by WCC

Gyratory signage – Some new signage installed, but the problem continues

Graffiti update – Further graffiti reported

ACTION Find out the cost of removal from Community Payback BY Office


ACTION Research the cost of the equipment needed and the possibility of storage BY Office 
  1. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

Mr Podbury, Kineton Road said the problem of dogs fouling on the cricket field continued. He requested signs saying that no dogs were allowed on the cricket field area. It was agreed to look into appropriate signs.

  1. Year End Amenities/Highways Budget – noted

Amenities Matters

  1. Appearance of village – Cllr DC

12.1     Grass cutting

Request from Wellesbourne in Bloom for the verge in School Road between Talbot Court and the garages should be added to the Parish Council mowing schedule

Recommendation to add the above strip of land to the Parish Council mowing schedule at a cost of £10 per cut Prop Cllr RB 2nd Cllr EL carried

12.2     Request for public seating

Proposal for public benches around Wellesbourne Wellesbourne 0ver 75’s forum

An invitation had also been received from Heather Brown, the Chairman of the Over Sixty’s Community and Recreation Scheme, for a PC representative to join the group. Cllr CM volunteered her support. Cllrs said that as the PC does not have a budget for providing benches in the current financial year, the group should explore the possibility of funding by sponsorship and grant funding available to community groups.

ACTION Contact Heather Brown with details of Cllr CM BY Office


12.3     River Pollution

Mrs Cook reported that she had had a meeting with a WCC officer Bryn Patefield (who had replaced Paul Cowley). He suggested that work with the camera that had been agreed in 2015 should be replaced with a reed bed at the outlet. Cllrs agreed that the original plan should be implemented.

ACTION Write to WCC BY Office


  1. Parish Council Handyman – Cllr DC

13.1     List of completed tasks – noted 

  1. Childrens’ Play Areas

14.1     Monthly play inspection report – noted

14.1.2               Defects noted

  1.       Repair of wet pour damage on Dovehouse play area

  Recommendation to engage Nationwide Safety Surfaces to repair wet pour defect around the swings on the Dovehouse play area at a cost of £1250 plus VAT

Prop Cllr DC2nd Cllr AP carried

  1. Damage to cradle swing seats on Dovehouse play area

Recommendation to replace two damaged cradle swing seats at a cost of £65 each plus VAT plus delivery Prop Cllr BH 2nd Cllr AP carried

  1. Damage to chain fixings on Dovehouse play area. Wear to some of the fixing bolts and links was noted and will be monitored

14.2     Correspondence – noted

Fields in Trust membership and Centenary Fields Programme FIT


  1. Issues raised by Sports Association

15.1     Pedestrian gate at Bowls Club entrance – The gate is not disabled friendly.

ACTION Research the cost of a replacement gate BY Office


15.2     Uneven ground around the cricket club

ACTION Meet with PC contractor to discuss options BY Cllr DC/AP


15.3     Dog fouling signs around the sportsfield

Dog fouling is still continuing on the cricket field and additional signage was requested

ACTION Agree and source suitable signs BY Office


15.4     Ettington Road layby

Anti-social behaviour was continuing but there appeared to be a failure from the police to accurately record incidents. The area has been designated as a Community Forum priority.

ACTION Write a letter to the Police Commissioner expressing WPC concerns BY Office 

Highways Matters

  1. Roads

16.1     Fletchers Way roundabout. Roundabout appears unkempt due to weeds growing through the brickwork

ACTION Write to WCC BY Office

16.2     Consultation

Consultation – proposed Puffin crossing on A429 Ettington Road south of Ettington Park estate BY WCC closing date 17th June 2016

Cllrs supported the installation of the crossing

16.3     Correspondence

Allocation of post code for Sainsburys store Adam Reading


ACTION Contact WCC regarding Sat Nav information on entrance to Distribution Park BY Office


ACTION Liaise with Sainsbury’s regarding problem of HGVs using the customer entrance for deliveries BY Cllr EL
  1. Bus shelter cleaning – Cllr EL/DC

17.1     Correspondence regarding cleaning schedule – noted

ACTION Write to the head of department with a copy to WCC Cllr DK BY Office
  1. Parking

18.1     Proposed Parking restrictions – due to be introduced in the next two months

18.2     Parking on Dovehouse sportsfield verge

ACTION Contact WCC Highways dept BY Office
  1. Community Speedwatch

More volunteers were needed

ACTION Liaise with residents who have expressed interest BY Office
  1. Public transport

Changes to X15/X18 service – bus timetables are available in the PC Office

  1. Public rights of Way

Footpaths report – noted

ACTION Ask residents to report blockages through Facebook BY Office

21.2     Complaints regarding dog waste and overgrown vegetation on SD122/122a. Following a complaint from the PC the path had been cleared.

  1. Committee and Clerk Exchange of information

Cllr AP thanked Mr Hanson for providing hanging baskets for the Chestnut Square bus shelter. Mr Hanson has also said he would investigate sponsorship for further baskets. She expressed disappointment at the state of the SDC grass cutting throughout Wellesbourne and the WCC cutting of the Bypass verges

Cllr BH expressed concern regarding the cycleway to Barford

Cllr RB reported an overgrown hedge in School Road

  1. Date of next Committee Meeting 9th August 2016 – noted

There being nothing further to discuss the meeting closed at 9.30pm

Chairman Cllr Close

Signed ……………………….

Date ………………………….