Full Council meeting, 7/6/2016 – Minutes


The minutes of the Council meeting on Tuesday 7th June 2016 at 7.30 pm at the Methodist Hall in Bridge Street, Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior Councillors: Mrs Bartlett, Close, Mrs Hurdman, Kendall, Lawley, Mrs Michael, Shepherd & Thomas        Clerk: Mrs Scriven          District/County Cllrs:2     Members of public:8

  1. Welcome and announcements
  1. Apologies of Absence – Cllr Mrs Bolton & Heaton
  1. Declarations of Interest

Cllr Mrs Prior – Disclosable pecuniary interest in item 11.2 Chairman’s allowance as the Chairman and recipient

Cllr Close – non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to Chedham’s Yard as a Trustee

Cllr Lawley – non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to Chedham’s Yard as a Trustee

  1. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – It was noted that planning should be numbered 10 onward. Cllr DC to speak to item 20.
  1. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – Item 15.2 RFO Contract a staffing matter

Confidential correspondence between WWPC and the Council’s insurance as potential litigation matter – agreed.

  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Council Meetings:

3rd May 2016 – Minute should have Cllr appointments to committees/other bodies as appendix – agreed

17th May 2016 – Minute should specify that members of the public were referring to the Kineton Road – agreed

24th May 2016 – Item 9 Cllr Exchange – met with a member of Warwick University staff who specified the University (not College) were willing to consider offers to use the football pitches – agreed

  1. Matters arising (not included in the agenda) Wellesbourne Lions had written formally to the Council regarding the Wheels Car Festival event, the Council supported the request with the caveat that the Sports Association members agree, any damage caused would be repaired in full at the expense of the Lions, and suitable insurance would be in place for the event.
Action: Contact Lions with conditions/contact Sports Association members to ensure no opposition to the event By Cllr AP (Cllr DK to also assist if necessary)

War Memorials – Cllr DC to raise the issue of repair/refurbishment of the Memorials with the Vicar on 14th June meeting

  1. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

Mr Podbury, Kineton Road, raised concern relating to the amount of dog walkers who were walking their animals inside the cricket pitch area where some were permitting their animals to foul without collection of the waste. He said it was most dangerous for children playing on the pitch and asked the Council to consider stronger measures to prevent this antisocial behaviour.

Mrs Cook, Church Street asked if Councillors would undertake further walks around the village previously organised by Cllr Mrs Bolton. She raised concern regarding rumour that the bus stop in Church Street was to be removed and said parking problems in Church Street had ended in a physical fight, something which would exacerbate with increased traffic and parking problems at the precinct area.

  1. County Council matters /District Council matters

Cllr Mrs Parry report – circulated prior to the meeting. Cllr Parry said she would be objecting to the planning application to put 86 houses on land south of Kineton Road and had been interviewed by BBC Coventry & Warwickshire in relation to the re-routing of the X15 bus service which would have a negative impact on several villages.

Cllr Kendall said with delegated highways budget improvements to the gyratory would now take place to improve safety and the bench at the bus stop on Stratford Road was to be installed with the stop being painted. He confirmed that there would be £20,400 Sec 106 money to come from the Persimmon development, to be reassigned to the WSCC. 

  1. Planning

10.1   Decisions – none

10.1.1   Approvals with conditions – none

10.2      Amendments

16/00364/FUL Demolition of existing garage and erection of two dwellings at 9 Kineton Road Additional statement from applicant regarding neighbour’s amenity


10.3   Notice of Appeal

15/04314/FUL Retrospective application for erection of 1m high x 5.8m long boundary fence along eastern site boundary
At 5 Pembroke Gardens For Mr Morris

Noted                                                                                                                                                                25

10.4      Applications


16/01491/FUL 2 Storey front extension
At 38 Hammerton Way For Mr Shrubsole
Officer Emma Southerill-Smith By 14th June 2016

The Council objected to this application as it encroaches over the build line and sits forward of the house to the left. As a significant extension it would be overbearing to the neighbouring property with loss of amenity space.


16/01660/TREE T1 Horse Chestnut:fell
At 7 Holly Lodge For Mr Cook
Officer Assistant Planner By 14th June 2016

The Council support this application subject to the County Arboriculturalist inspection and if felled, to be replaced with another mature tree.

10.5   Planning correspondence

Email – Mr Roberts ref Planning application No. 16/01266/OUT Rear of Kineton Road development – noted. Cllr AP met with Mr Roberts, Mrs Balmer and John Hargis to discuss inaccuracies in the letter and to clarify what they hoped to achieve. Cllr DC had attended the meeting set up by Mrs Balmer who had been looking at the wider problem of development rather than just the land south of Kineton Road. Approximately 25 people had attended the meeting but the group did not resolve any direction. Cllr AP said as the NHD Plan outlined this piece of land for development after 2031, the rationale behind this decision was made clear.

10.6   Neighbourhood Plan

10.6.1 Report from John Hargis (circulated prior to the meeting) – noted

10.7   Date of next Area Planning Meetings:8th, 9th and 22nd June 2016

  1. Finance Committee – Cllr DC

11.1   Chairman’s report – circulated prior to the meeting – noted

The Chairman left the meeting – Cllr Shepherd took the Chair


Approval of monthly accounts as per attached cheque list Prop: Cllr AS, 2nd Cllr DC, carried

The Chairman re-joined the meeting


Approval of staff salaries Prop: Cllr DK, 2nd Cllr AS, carried

11.4   Internal/External Audit update – The Clerk was congratulated by the Council on another excellent audit.

The Clerk said the Year End Audit had been received by Grant Thornton and should be completed in the next 2-3 weeks.

11.5   Date of next meeting – 16th August 2016

  1. Amenities and Highways Committee – Cllr DC

12.1   Chairman’s update – no update meeting next week.

Cllr EL said concern had been raised by a resident regarding land behind the bungalows in Oxford Way abutting the Persimmon development. Persimmon had erected a boundary fence several feet from the bungalow’s boundary leaving a piece of “no man’s land” which had been filling with site debris.

Action: Write to Kate Tait (Build Director – Persimmon) asking how this might be resolved By: Office

12.2      Lengthsman report Clerk – (circulated prior to the meeting) The Lengthsman Scheme would begin 13th June, with four Council members and run for 18 months or until the budget was expended.

12.3   Date of next meeting 14th June 2016

  1. WSCC Committee – Cllr AP

13.1   Chairman’s report (circulated prior to the meeting) – noted

13.2   Date of next meeting – 19th July 2016 

  1. Emergency Committee – Cllr EL

14.1   Chairman’s update – A site meeting with a representative from WCC concerning the brook under the culvert did not raise any concern about the flow of water through the culvert.

14.2   A meeting with Orbit Heart of England regarding the evacuation procedures had been positive, with their representatives acknowledging that the emergency call should have been escalated. It was agreed that further work would be required on the contact data supplied by Orbit Heart of England and a further meeting would be arranged for 6 weeks’ time.

Concern had been raised in relation to the ditch at Miller Homes’ development, as two site entrances had been installed without pipework for drainage.

Action: Write to Robert Weeks (Head of planning) asking him to look at the permissions given By: Office

14.2      Date of next meeting – 18th October 2016

  1. Office & Staffing Committee – Cllr RB

15.1   Chairman’s report – none                                                                                                                            26

15.2   RFO contract – moved to confidential as staffing matter

15.3   Date of next meeting 28th June 2016

  1. WWPC Website – Cllr CM

16.1   Update – most hits on the website this month had been in relation to the bus service or medical centre.

  1. Conservation Working Group – Cllr EL

17.1   Next meeting 29th June 2016

  1. Index 2016 – Cllr RB

18.1   Chairman’s update – Cllr Mrs Bartlett asked the Chairman to include in the July edition of WWNews that if anyone had not received their complementary Index to contact the Parish Council offices.

  1. Street Fayre

19.1   Chairman’s update – there would be 42 stalls, a bbq with meat and bread supplied by local businesses. A quiz had been arranged and there would be a children’s parade as well as a pet show. Buy a Brick would be promoted and there would be a tombola as well as candyfloss and cream teas in the Church rooms. It was noted that there would be a service for the Queen at 3pm.

  1. Chedham’s Yard – Cllr DC said Cllr CM had declined the Trustee position due to current workload, he asked if there were any other nominations – a vacancy was noted. Cllrs were encouraged to visit the facility to see it working.
  1. Wellesbourne and Walton News – Cllr AP

Chairman’s report; parking on pavements; dog fouling on footways/footpaths; Street Fayre; Graffiti; Depositing of dog waste bags in estate footpaths; Index; Dumping on bypass; Fouling on sports pitches

  1. Cllr and Clerk Exchange of Information

Cllr VB asked if the wild flower verges and islands could be cleared up now flowering was complete as very untidy

Coaches were once again coming through the village turning and driving back rather than using Jubilee Drive, and constant noise nuisance was coming from the yard in Walton where car restoration was being performed including use of a grinder which caused vibration disturbance in neighbouring properties.

Cllr AP said she had received a resident request to install some hanging baskets to the bus stop at Chestnut Square. Insurance to be checked.

  1. Items/reports for the next meeting by 22nd June 2016

Table of monthly meeting dates

Amenities & Highways 14th June
Office & Staffing 28th June 

Under section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest, as if members of the public were present during the consideration of such business, there would be disclosure to them of exempt information under paras 1 and 11 and Part 1 Schedule 12A of the said Act, that the public will be excluded.


15.1 RFO Contract

The contract was agreed and signed by the Chairman             Prop Cllr DK, 2nd Cllr VB – carried.

The Council had received a letter from CAB on behalf of a resident in Wellesbourne, the Clerk had sought professional assistance from the Council insurers and the Council agreed to follow the insurance company recommendation.

Action: Write letter to CAB outlining decision of Council on insurance company advice.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.35   pm.

Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior…………..



Completed 09/06/2016                                                                                                                                  27