Amenities & Highways Committee meeting 12/4/2016 – Minutes


Minutes of the Amenities Highways Committee which met on Tuesday 12th April at 7.30 pm at the Parish Council office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present Chairman Cllr Lawley Cllrs Close, Heaton, Mrs Hurdman, Mrs Michael and Mrs Prior; Non Cllr member Mrs Cook

Minutes taken by Admin. Assistant Mrs Lipman   Members of the public 1

  1. Welcome
  1. Approval of Apologies for Absence

Apologies were given and accepted from Cllrs Mrs Bolton and Thomas

  1. Declarations of Interest – there were none
  1. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda and identification of any items likely to be resolved to confidential session – it was confirmed
  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Amenities/Highways meeting of 16th February 2016

These were agreed and signed by the Chairman

  1. Matters arising:

6.1     Heavy Goods Vehicles – update

Transport company Wixey had been contacted and agreed that none of their lorries should drive through the village unless there was an accident on the motorway. Laden tipper trucks had been noticed driving through the village on the way to the Equidebt site. No identification on the trucks. The site foreman at Equidebt had been contacted.

Residents’ complaints regarding water spray from car wash in Warwick Road and parking on yellow lines in Warwick Road

GWS had asked operatives not to use the spray when pedestrians were in the vicinity. Cars continued to park on the double yellow lines.

ACTION Contact traffic enforcement WCC regarding parking on yellow lines and on the pavement BY Office

Lighting and pedestrian access at Ettington Park Estate – Lighting now operational but no reply regarding the pedestrian access –

Cycle path along A429 – Sustrans had been contacted

  1. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

Miss McDonaugh, Mountford Close raised concerns regarding the parking on both sides of the road in Church Street considerably narrowing the road. Similarly lorries sometimes park on the road in Newbold Road. When this occurs the road is considerably narrowed and a problem for any fire engine. She also raised a problem with school traffic and builders vehicles turning around in residents’ drives on Mountford Close.

ACTION Consult residents of Mountford Close regarding an obligatory one way system BY Office


  1. Appearance of village

8.1     Graffiti – awaiting response of Community Payback team

8.2     Installation of Bollards at Chestnut Square/Chapel Street

Installation of bollards approved by WCC and awaiting fitting. 4 bollards also to be installed at the end of the layby in Ettington Road (by handyman).

8.3     Grass cutting

Cllrs raised concerns regarding footpath area between Dovehouse Drive and Loxley Road. Residents were trimming vegetation and dumping the arisings.

ACTION Contact SDC BY Office

8.4     Overgrown vegetation Ettington Road layby

Correspondence Paul Ledden (Community Safety Officer WCC)

Despite the PC and police lobbying over the past year for the undergrowth to be thinned, WCC has postponed any decision until August 2016 at the earliest (end of nesting bird season)

ACTION Contact Paul Leddon to ask for a site meeting BY Office

8.5     Litter by garages at rear of shops in Kineton Road – noted

ACTION Contact One Stop and the Chemist regarding refuse at the back of their stores. Also investigate owner of land. BY Office
  1. Parish Council Handyman

9.1     Update of completed tasks – noted

It was agreed to ask handyman to help lift gas canisters up church tower for Queen’s birthday beacon.

  1. Children’s’ Play Areas

10.1   Monthly play inspection report – noted

It was proving impossible to get replacement timber beams of the correct length from play equipment suppliers. A local sawmill may be able to provide suitable timber cut to the correct size.

10.2   Repair of wet pour damage on Dovehouse play area

One quotation had been received a second had been requested

  1. Tender application updates for:

11.1   Bus shelter cleaning/litter picking – Tenders to be opened Friday 15th April by Cllrs EL and DC and Clerk

11.2   Christmas lights – quotations had been sought

  1. Flooding

13.1   Recent flooding on the Equidebt site – noted

13.2   Land off Newbold Road

ACTION Contact SDC regarding flood report commissioned in 2007 BY Office
  1. Highways Issues

14.1.  Proposed Parking restrictions – no information at present

14.2   Gyratory signage – A meeting with Cllr DK and WCC had been arranged

14.3   Loxley Road – site traffic

ACTION Contact WCC highways regarding drainage at Loxley Road Miller homes development BY Office

14.4   Correspondence

Access to charity shop in recycling depot John Gledhill


ACTION Contact SDC with pedestrian access suggestion BY Office
  1. Community Speedwatch

         More volunteers were needed in order for the police to organise training

  1. Public transport – Cllr AP

16.1   Complaint regarding the lack of wheelchair accessible buses to the Dovehouse estate by Stagecoach – Stagecoach response noted

ACTION Contact Stagecoach regarding possible removal of X15 service to ask for a meeting BY Office
  1. Public rights of Way

17.1   Footpaths update – no report available

  1. Committee and Clerk Exchange of information

Cllr AP raised concerns regarding the parking of cars on the grass verge at the Dovehouse Sportsfield

ACTION Purchase “no parking” notices BY Office

Cllr BH raised concerns regarding cars parked facing the wrong direction in Frost Road/Daniell Road

  1. Date of next Committee Meeting 14th June 2016 – noted

Chairman: Cllr Lawley



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