Bus Changes for Wellesbourne from 6 June 2016

Bus Changes for Wellesbourne from 6 June 2016

Thanks to Dr John Gledhill for this update:

From 6 June 2016, Stagecoach has announced the following changes affecting Wellesbourne; the off-peak and weekend services were not covered in the press release.

  • The X15 is being withdrawn. There will be no more buses to/from Leamington along Newbold Road.
  • The X18 will run every 30 minutes instead of every hour, via Warwick to Leamington and Coventry.
  • The X18 from Warwick to Wellesbourne will now come straight down the A429 to serve the University Campus instead of Charlecote.
  • The X18 will go round Dovehouse on every trip (at present just evenings and Sundays).
  • On leaving Dovehouse for Stratford the X18 will go to Charlecote and then back to Stratford Road for Tiddington and Stratford.
  • The X18 will continue from Stratford to Evesham taking over the current X28 route.


  • No service up Newbold Road, nor to the Crematorium
  • No fast service to Leamington: the X18 route takes about 10 minutes longer than the current X15.
  • Presumably no buses will stop at the back entrance to the market and the industrial estate.


  • A service to Charlecote every 30 mins (daytime presumably) instead of every hour.
  • Twice as many buses from Dovehouse in both directions.
  • A direct bus from any bus stop in Wellesbourne to Leamington railway station each time (the current X15 doesn’t stop at the station, nor particularly near it)
  • Every bus from Leamington and Warwick will stop at the bus stop outside Wellesbourne Sainsbury’s so that market visitors can also get on/off, instead of just those at present using the X15.
  • A regular direct bus from Wellesbourne to Evesham via Stratford.

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