Amenities and Highways Committee report – May 2016

Cllr Eric Lawley, chair of the Amenities and Highways Committee, writes:

Bollards – Chestnut Square: Patch Byrne (WCC) has agreed the installation of bollards around the D shaped grass in Chestnut Square and on the corner of the green opposite behind the Bus Shelter. Due to the possibility of services under the grass the Handyman has declined to do the installation and Patch has been asked to schedule it into his work.

Bollards – Ettington Road Lay-by: Four bollards will be installed at the end of the lay-by to prevent vehicles driving over the grass at the end creating grooves in the surface and making it difficult for the grass cutters.

Grass Cutting: The initial grass cutting has been done and the daffodils have been avoided.

Play Equipment : The beam equipment has been identified as needing repair, a source of a suitable beam has been identified and costs are awaited. A bench on the Mountford play area has been vandalised. The police have been notified and the Council handyman has been asked, if possible, to repair it.

Graffiti: More graffiti has appeared / been identified in recent weeks. The community pay back team are unable to assist at this stage and the WWPC has no allocated funding for this work. The purchase or hire of suitable equipment is to be investigated.

Parking Survey / Proposals: Awaiting feedback from WCC.

Speeding and the Gyratory System: Meeting held with Adrian Dawson from WCC, D Kendall and E Lawley on 14th April. Entrance to the gyratory from the A429 is very clearly signed and there is no excuse for drivers entering from that direction. The sign at the end of Church Street spur is less well defined and may need changes to the No Entry Signs and the Left Turn sign alongside the White House. The No left Turn sign at the end of Bridge Street is to be re-instated. The old rectangular One Way sign opposite the end of School Road is to be removed. Additional repeater signs on Charlecote Road and Newbold Road were dismissed as inappropriate but 30 signs on the road would be considered. Signage for the industrial site to be reviewed.

HGVs: Meeting with Wixey Transport successful, they will now use the A429 unless there is a motorway incident. Vehicles servicing the Equidebt site use the A429 junction by the Coop, but site manager will ensure all new deliverers are aware of this. Some large tipper trucks are still using the village as a rat run, vehicles have no identification on them.

Christmas Lights: All three proposals have now been received and will be assessed with aview to making a proposal to the June Meeting.

Next Meeting: 14th June