Amenities and Highways Committee report – April 2016

Cllr Eric Lawley, chairman of the Amenities and Highways Committee, writes:

The Committee did not meet in March.

Christmas Lights two of the potential suppliers have been to discuss the options with us and will submit their costs later.

Bollards around Chestnut Square will be installed once we have an agreement with Patch Byrne (WCC).

Parking Survey has been completed and is being assessed by WCC before a recommendation is put forward for action.

Speed Signs on Newbold Road, despite several attempts we have yet to get a meeting with WCC, who do not regard the area as of significant interest due to no recorded Personal Injury Claims.

Gyratory additional signs have been installed opposite the end of School Road, the old bent sign remains. These will not influence the traffic travelling anti clockwise from the Church direction, a letter will be sent to WCC.

HGVs are still using the village, letter are being sent to the operators when reported. Meeting planned with Wixey transport at Warwick.

Graffiti following the successful removal of the graffiti it is happening again across the village. The pay-back team have been asked to quote for removal, approximately a half days work is involved. Once again all sites have been photographed.

Letter to be sent to Severn Trent about the graffiti on their building.

Trees along the walkway from post Box on Dovehouse to the Loxley Road have been trimmed back and most of the debris removed but not all. They were reminded to clear it all away and verbally agreed to do so but have not. SDC/WCC to be contacted.

100 Welcome Packs have been put together containing the existing version of the Index. A further 100 are awaiting the new version of the Index before distribution. Both the builders along the Loxley Road, Persimmon and Millers, have agreed to take the new packs and include them in the package of information given to new occupants. Ettington Park will be dealt with separately.

The next meeting is on 12th April. The agenda can be found here.