WWPC Grants awarded 2016/17

Anne Prior, Chairman, Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council, writes: The amount of money the Parish Council has had available for grants this year is much lower than previously. The Council has had to make savings across all its budget areas and this included grants.

The discussion held by the Finance Committee was long and painful as it tried to come to decisions regarding the applications made to it. In the end, the Committee applied the rules laid out in the Grant Application Guidelines. Grants were only given to organisations that fulfilled these. It is clear in the guidelines that to obtain a grant, a feedback form about how the previous grant was spent is required as are audited accounts and a willingness to attend the Annual Parish Meeting to demonstrate the work being done. The Committee also decided, given the limited funds, that grants would be given to organisations that directly benefitted residents of the parish.

We hope that next year we will be able to offer more grants to benefit the excellent work that many organisations do in the parish. If you were unsuccessful this year, please read the grant guidelines and apply again in November for 2017/18.





Grants awarded

Wellesbourne & Walton News £1200.00
Church Clock £100.00
Wellesbourne Sports Association £5000
Neighbourhood Watch £200
CAB £500
Village Hall *to be considered at later date (uncertainty of lease position)
Wellesbourne Allotments £600
Reserve budget fund £700 unallocated
TOTAL BUDGET FOR 2016/17 £8,300.00