Report of Full Council meeting, 1/3/2016

This report first appeared in the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald, March 10 2016.

A planning application for two new houses alongside 9 Kineton Road brought several residents to the Parish Council meeting last week. They objected to the new houses projecting further into the rear gardens than adjacent properties and to the increase in traffic in a stretch of road that is already very congested. One of the proposed houses would have three floors and this was thought to be over-development of the site. The applicant, who was also present at the meeting, explained the reasoning behind the design and pointed out that he could have chosen to demolish the existing house and squeeze more dwellings onto the site.

When the Council came to deliberate on the plans, it too chose to object to the application on the grounds that it was unneighbourly to the adjacent properties and would add to traffic problems in the area. Other plans before the Council were accepted with the proviso that the Conservation Officer should be consulted on the plans for 2 metre high gates and fences at the front of 16 Church Street. The Council heard that at a recent District Council planning meeting the controversial conversion of an outbuilding into a separate dwelling in Chestnut Square was given permission despite previous refusals on the site; and new signage for Walton Hall Hotel on Kineton Road was not approved because it was advertising rather than a simple direction sign which would have been acceptable.

The Chairman, Anne Prior, reported that the South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group has accepted the Business case for the new medical centre and the doctors are now waiting to hear how much the grant for the new building will be. They may need to submit revised plans to the planning authority if the funding does not cover all the existing proposals.

The Council has advertised for a part-time Responsible Finance Officer. Some enquiries have already been received and the closing date for applications is 11th March. District Councillor Anne Parry reported that the District Council will increase its levy through the Council tax by 3.9 % and Danny Kendall, County Councillor reported that the County Council proposes a similar increase in its share. With the Parish Council also raising its rate, residents will have a somewhat larger bill for Council tax next year.

After some discussion the Council agreed not to pay the Christmas Lights contractor the full amount of his bill as the work done and the service provided was not satisfactory. The Council is seeking new contractors to install lights next Christmas.

The Computer Access Terminal for residents to use in the Parish Council office is still not working. The work on the first stage of the Sports and Community Centre is well under way despite some wintry weather.

Lastly the Chairman reported on a meeting she had attended with Councillor David Close at the Wellesbourne Campus of the University of Warwick in Charlecote. The University has plans to develop the site as a science park with more companies setting up research facilities in the existing buildings which will be refurbished, giving more opportunities for post-graduate work on the site. The Council welcomed the news.