Amenities & Highways Committee meeting – 16/2/2016 – Minutes

Minutes of the Amenities Highways Committee which met on Tuesday 16th February at 7.30 pm at the Parish Council office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman: Cllr Lawley Cllrs: Close, Heaton, Mrs Hurdman, Mrs Michael, Mrs Prior and Thomas Non Cllrs: Mrs Cook

Minutes taken by Admin. Asst. Mrs Lipman Members of the public: 2

  1. Welcome
  1. Approval of Apologies for Absence

Apologies were given and accepted from Cllr Mrs Bolton

  1. Declarations of Interest – none
  1. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda and identification of any items likely to be resolved to confidential session – it was confirmed.
  1. Confirmation of the *minutes of the Amenities/Highways meeting of 22nd December 2015

These were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman

  1. Matters arising:

6.1     Heavy Goods Vehicles

A number of transport companies have been contacted and advised of the recommended WCC lorry route

6.2  Pollution at Bridge Street – work could not be commenced until a period of dry weather

6.3 Co-op underpass – litter picking at the underpass to be monitored and Bridges section WCC to be contacted once more

ACTION Chase Bridges section for response to previous enquiries and monitor litter picking in the area BY Office


  1. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

         Effie Jones requested that the Council should lobby for a cycle path along the A429

ACTION Contact Sustrans for advice BY Office


         Cllr Mrs Prior made the following public statement:

“We would like to thank everyone who has signed the petition, written a letter or email to SWCCG, their MP or Jeremy Hunt in support of the new medical centre. The stop on the medical centre has been removed. The practice no longer needs to evidence the need or desirability of the new building again. What now has to be agreed is the money SWCCG are prepared to offer the practice in support of the new development. This will be known in a few weeks. We will keep you updated.”

  1. Appearance of village

8.1     Graffiti

Further graffiti had appeared around the village and Cllrs agreed that it was important it should be removed as soon as possible

ACTION To bring a resolution to the next Full Council meeting By Office


8.2     Verge damage – Chestnut Square and grass outside and opposite Stags Head

Correspondence from Mr Evans, Mrs Hanson, Mr England, Mr & Mrs Harland, Mr and Mrs Buckingham, the Kyrke family, Karen Jukes, Adam Smith and Pippa Shirley – noted

It was agreed that the consensus of opinion was that bollards should be installed around the green and along the verge in Chapel Street Prop Cllr DC 2nd Cllr AP motion carried.

ACTION To arrange a meeting with Patch Byrne to discuss bollard installation By Office
  1. Parish Council Handyman

9.1     Report of completed tasks – noted

It was agreed that the Committee should write to the handyman to thank him for responding so swiftly when the Christmas lights were damaged

ACTION To write a letter of thanks By Office
  1. Childrens’ Play Areas

10.1   Monthly play inspection report

The monthly play inspection had highlighted defects with the balance beams on the Mountford play area. This was considered to be an urgent repair on health and safety grounds.

ACTION To liaise with Thomas Fox (grounds maintenance) on replacement beams and their installation By Office


10.2   Annual playground inspection – report noted

Recommendation to appoint RoSPA to inspect Council play areas on an annual basis. Prop Cllr AP 2nd Cllr EL motion carried

  1. Litter bins

11.1   Correspondence – noted

Dog bins David Prain
  1. Tender preparation for:

12.1   Bus shelter cleaning

ACTION Contact WCC/SDC to ask about arrangements for maintenance and cleaning of new bus shelter BY Office


12.2   Litter picking

It was noted that litter is accumulating around the Sainsbury’s bus stop

ACTION Contact SDC to ask about arrangements for litter control BY Office

12.3   Christmas lights

Following discussion on the installation and maintenance of the Christmas lights during the festive season it was resolved to recommend to Council that no further payments should be made. Prop Cllr RT 2nd Cllr BH motion carried

It was agreed that the draft specification should be used as a basis for discussion with possible contractors.

ACTION Contact possible Christmas lighting suppliers BY Cllr EL/Office

Cllr Mrs Hurdman left the meeting

  1. Budget update 15/16
ACTION Discuss vire of funds from grounds maintenance budget to other areas of expenditure at full Council BY Cllr Office
  1. Highways Issues

14.1.  Proposed Parking restrictions

Opposition to timed parking had been made by some businesses

14.2   Raised paving outside Golden Bamboo in Kineton Road

The area had been inspected by WCC and deemed safe

14.3   Loxley Road – site traffic update – noted

14.4   Correspondence

Cherry tree outside 36 Westfield Crescent (dangerous state) and trees bordering the Recreation ground by Westfield Crescent need arboricultural works Mr Whistler

Opinion of arboriocultural consultant Peter Wharton – noted

Cllrs agreed that no action should be taken at present

ACTION Write to Mr Whistler BY Office

14.5   Residents’ complaints regarding

  1. a) Water spray from car wash in Warwick Road
  2. b) Parking on yellow lines in Warwick Road
ACTION Contact GWS BY Office

14.6   Correspondence

Traffic calming Mr Heselton


ACTION Contact WCC regarding Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) for Newbold Road and Charlecote Road BY Cllr EL/Office

14.7   Ettington Park Estate

14.7.1          Pedestrian access

ACTION Request offset barriers on pedestrian access at roundabout BY Office

14.7.2          Lighting

ACTION Contact Persimmon to ask street lights to be switched on BY Office
  1. Public rights of Way

15.1   Footpaths update – there was none

  1. Committee and Clerk Exchange of information

         Cllr DC asked if the recently felled trees around the Equidebt site were to be replanted.

It was noted that they would be replanted with a native species – possibly hornbeam.

Cllr RT asked on progress regarding traffic using the one way system. Cllr Kendall had been asked to set up a meeting

Mrs Cook asked if a pedestrian crossing was planned at the Equidebt site.

Cllr CM asked about parking enforcement against drivers parking on zig zag lines around the school.

Cllr EL said the culvert at Ettington Park was blocked with rubbish.

  1. Date of next Committee Meeting 12th April 2016 – noted

There being nothing further to discuss the meeting ended at 9.50pm

Chairman     Cllr Lawley