Report of Amenities & Highways Committee to Full Council meeting, 1/3/2016


Parking proposals for the centre of the village – the consultation period has now expired, we now await feedback from WCC.

Chestnut Square – the grass outside the Stags Head is being destroyed by cars/vans parking partially on the grass, all residents of Church Walk and chestnut Squares have been canvassed for their thoughts on how this can be controlled, the majority view was to support putting bollards around the areas involved.

The dialogue with the HGV operators is continuing with generally good results, all operators are to be advised of the WCC Advisory Lorry routes document which clearly shows that the A429 is the advised route to the Industrial site.

Speeding through the village has been highlighted again and will be discussed with the WCC Highways Dept. when a meeting is arranged.

Both Miller and Persimmon are trying to minimise the mud carried onto the Loxley Road with some success.


WCC are waiting for a dry period before the drain investigation can begin, funding has been identified for this work.

A new / replacement litter bin has been requested for the subway area.

Repairs to some of the play equipment will be carried out ASAP.

Due to the warm winter grass has continued to grow and an early cut of the grass has been authorised.

Specifications for the Litter picking and bus shelter cleaning have been generated and will be sent out for tender.

The specification for the Christmas Lights has been generated and will cover all the areas previously illuminated plus the portions of Church Street to the Church and the gyratory system. The quotations will enable the WWPC to pick and match the areas to be covered. Suppliers are being sought.

The Graffiti previously reported has been removed by the payback team but new sites have been identified. The payback team will be re-engaged to clean away the new sites ASAP.

Welcome Pack – all the material is now available and will be assembled into packs for delivery. Miller homes have agreed to take a full complement for their homes and will include them in the new resident packs. Persimmon/Charles Church will be approached to determine if they will do the same. Other new residents to be identified by Councillors and packs delivered.

The handyman is continuing to provide an efficient service.

Eric Lawley, Chairman