Finance Committee report for Full Council meeting, 1/3/2016

Finance Committee report for the Full Council meeting Tuesday 1 March 2016

  1. Councillors are now receiving monthly reports from the Bookkeeper on the Council’s   accounts. This is to be applauded as now we are able to regularly inspect the Council’s spending against the budget. Broadly all spending is on target and the main area of discussion is about the oddities of the SAGE finance package and the Bookkeeper ( who works for just a few hours monthly ) not fully appreciating the intricacies of the financial organisation of the Council’s spending practices
  2. Councillors will be receiving the latest spending report – month 11.
  3. Council approved the 2016/17 budget in January which included an allocation of £8,300 for grants – which is half the 2015/16 grant allocation. The bids for the new financial year totalled £32,880! Some difficult decisions will have to be made and the bidders are may be disappointed as they are unlikely to get what they requested – if anything. The Finance Committee will meet in confidential session on the morning of Monday 14th March and their recommendations will be made, in public, at the April 5th Tuesday meeting. Previous grant recipients will only be considered for this new round of grants if they have submitted a report on how last year’s grant was spent. This was a condition of the acceptance of last years’ grant.
  4. The Committee received the December 2015 interim report of the Internal Auditor. In his conclusion the Internal Auditor said ‘the Clerk is carrying out her responsibilities in an exemplary fashion’ and ‘the Council has consistently, over a number of years, improved its processes regarding its governance and the whole of the Parish Council is to be commended’
  5. Owing to the fact that nationally a new set of regulations are to be published regarding the way the Council regulates its finances it was agreed to delay the review until the new regulations are published.
  6. The Committee recommends to Council the following proposal from Cllr Prior – ‘The council agrees to continue with the current insurer until the anniversary of the Councils insurance in twelve months’ time and that an additional premium of xxx is paid to cover the WSCC new build and the new leases.
  7. The Risk Register was reviewed and the Committee recommends to Council the following proposal from Cllr Close– ‘The Council Accepts the updated Risk Register of 9th February 2016‘.
  8. The Fixed Asset Register was reviewed and the Committee recommends to Council the following proposal from Cllr Heaton ‘The Council accepts the updated Fixed Asset Register of 9th February 2016’.


Cllr David Close   18th February 2016