WSCC report for Full Council meeting 1/3/2016

There has been no committee meeting since the last Council Meeting. However, things are progressing with the building.

On Thursday, 11th February, the Clerk and I attended the first valuation meeting where there was a report back on how the work is progressing. The exterior work, due to poor weather, was a week behind schedule but work had been done extra to what was intended in the building itself.

You can see from the pictures the extent of the exterior work and the beginnings of the work on the internal toilets and partitions to create rooms. There will be a monthly valuation meeting on site.

Wendy Woodhouse our local fundraiser has obtained £1000 from Persimmon Community Fund for the project. There is to be a new drive selling bricks in the next week or so. She is publishing photos on the WSCC Facebook page she has set up as am I on the Parish Council Facebook page.

Anne Prior, Chairman, WSCC Committee