Office & Staffing Committee report for 1/3/2016 Council meeting

Overtime report

Administrative Assistant: one hour incurred in clerk’s absence

 Leave report

Clerk: twelve hours remain in this financial year; leave will be taken 22- 26 Feb; 21st-24th March, leaving three days to be arranged

Administrative Assistant: one day – has been arranged to be taken

Office cleaner: one day – this will be taken before the end of the year

Office matters

Storage of office data: methods of storage are being investigated

New web-site storage of data: there is a resolution on the agenda

CAT terminal: we hope it will at last be up and running by March

Access to office: the committee would like to remind colleagues that when any councillor has business to discuss with the staff or needs them to take action or produce material, an appointment must be made in advance, so that this can be fitted into the working day


Appraisals: the Clerk’s annual appraisal has taken place; the Administrative Assistant’s will follow

Staff pensions: the Council has to decide what pension scheme to offer to new staff and to current staff who are not already enrolled on one. A recommendation to offer the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) scheme rather than our present Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is on the agenda. Essentially, the NEST scheme is much less costly to Council (and to employees) but offers a less attractive pension as a result

Appointment of an RFO: the job description having been finalised, an advertisement for the post has been placed, with the closing date for applications on 11th March and interviews the following week

Clerk’s new role: the clerk will no longer be the Council’s RFO but will continue some involvement with Council finances as the Financial Assistant: a job description has been agreed

Rosalind Bolton (chairman Office and Staffing Committee)