Annual Parish Meeting 10/3/2015 – Draft Minutes


The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting on 10th March 2015 at 7.30 pm at the Village Hall, School Road, Wellesbourne


Chairman: Cllr Close       Councillors:Mrs Bolton, Heaton, Mrs Hodgkinson, Kendall, Lawley, Mrs Prior     Clerk: Mrs Scriven

District/County Councillors: Cllr Mrs Parry, Cllr Kendall                  Members of public: 60+

Welcome by Council Chairman, Cllr David Close – He thanked Mrs Dane for organising the refreshments for the evening and the grant recipients for their exhibitions on their activities.

  1. Apologies for Absence – Cllr Mrs Bartlett, Shepherd
Confirmation of the minutes of the 2014 meeting Prop: Cllr EL   2nd Cllr BH carried


  1. Matters arising – The Young Firefighters were still seeking funding to continue their worthwhile and valuable activities
  1. Guest Speakers

Lucy Lambert – Rural Crime Co-ordinator Stratford District Council gave an informative speech about rural crime co-ordination, and partnership working with Neighbourhood Watch. Crime Commission Safety Ambassadors working with Police and NHW to visit victims of crime and support them with useful advice on how to prevent repeat crimes and information on what resources were available to assist with prevention measures. She gave examples of other tailored measures of crime prevention such as Smart Water, Bicycle post code marking, garden and farm machinery and horse tack marking. She said that ‘overt’ rather than ‘covert’ marking was now favoured, to prevent theft in the first instance The Police were now working with school pupils and dementia sufferers to help raise awareness of doorstop crimes. Lucy had been a scenes of crime officer in the Metropolitan Police Force for many years before moving to Warwickshire.

Richard Trotman – Wellesbourne Sports and Community Centre Project Manager of Hadland Manning & Bullock

explained his role as Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager of the developing sports centre. He said his work included checking the tender documents were like for like, met specification and costs. The role would require performance versus cost assessments to ensure the project stayed on track and meets budget targets. He outlined the phases of the build work and what each phase entailed. It was intended that phases 1 & 2 (renovation of the existing building and laying an “all weather surface” would be carried out simultaneously and that funding raising would be required for phase 3(sports hall) and it was hoped the facility would open its doors in autumn of 2015.

John Hargis – Neighbourhood Plan Chairman – said at a meeting of the Council in 2014 had confirmed that the parish should produce a NHD Plan. As a result, the group encouraged every resident to complete a questionnaire, the responses to which had been collated. He explained that whilst the village has a Parish Plan and Design Statement, neither document carried statutory status and therefore developers were only required to note the document whereas a NHD Plan formed an integral part of the Core Strategy for the area and had to be considered under statute. He said a NHD Plan takes approximately 21/2 years to compile and that currently there were approximately 1400 plans at various stages of completion across the country (more than 10% of the population of England) with 26 currently in progress in Stratford district. He explained that the NHD Plan had to be a specific structure, result from consultations with residents and the document must be used in a positive way. He reported on                                                                                                             24

the level of response given to each area on the questionnaire and said the final results from the questionnaire would be posted onto the website once collated.

  1. Parish Council report – Cllr David Close – He said he hoped the Annual meeting had been informative.
  1. Any matters which may be raised by an elector of the Parish

Questions to Councillors on the report

Mr Hunt asked if there would be a call to arms to support no more housing in the parish. (difficult for the PC to combat local and national policy)

Mr Rose asked what the allocation of affordable and social housing would be and if this could be more than 35% (it could if requested)

Mrs Rose asked where would children moving into the 1500 houses proposed for the airfield go to school. (a school was proposed as part of the plan)

Mrs Shorrocks asked if the Village Hall could have marked out parking bays for vehicles (surface required repairing first)

Mr Hunt asked if there were any plans for parking restrictions on Bridge Street to prevent all day parkers (not at the moment)                                                                                                                                     24

Mr Rose asked if any allocation could be made from SEC 106 money for modernising the bridge on Bridge Street and for improving the flow of the river. (this is the responsibility of WCC and the Environment Agency)

Mrs Harland thanked the Council for the helpful booklet on how to best deal with flooding in homes delivered to all homes in the flood areas of the village         

  1. Mrs Stuart – Wellesbourne Matters

Mrs Stuart said the meeting was well attended by residents who want to save Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield. The group now had 3000 members and thanked them for the generous donations which amounted to £21,000 most of which had been spent on legal fees but noted that Zyda Law had been most generous with both their time and advice and had not charged for all the work they had carried out on behalf of the group. She urged any resident wishing to save the airfield to join the group.

Cllr Close thanked everyone for attending.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.30pm










Completed 17th June 2015