Report of Full Council Meeting 2/2/2016

Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council Meeting 2nd February 2016

(This report was first published in the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald on 11th February 2016.)

The monthly meeting of Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council this month was enlivened with a video presentation by Councillor Christine Michael on the new website created for the Parish Council. Much of the work has been carried out by the webmaster, Barry Saunders. The new website has been designed to be more user-friendly with greatly improved search options. It is planned to go live on 1st March and can be found at

Earlier in the meeting, a resident asked if it was possible to provide a cycle/pedestrian route alongside the A429 to create a safe route for people in the Frost Road area to get to the new Sainsbury’s supermarket. Complaints were received about parked cars churning up the grass outside the Stag’s Head pub and by the postbox opposite the pub; and about the car wash at GWS garage in Warwick Road. Passersby have been sprayed with water and the cleaned cars are left on the road, causing an obstruction. Geoff Rose drew attention to the event on 17th February at the Methodist Church for dog owners to get their dogs micro-chipped by the District Council’s dog warden.

Concerns were expressed about the proposed new warehouse to be built at Wellesbourne Distribution Park. Although the principal of warehousing on the site is welcomed, the Council were concerned about the landscaping proposals and lorry movements to and from the site. Nearby residents have already complained about lorry noise in the early hours of the morning from adjacent warehouses. Some councillors were also concerned about the proposed height of the building which is higher than others on the site.

There was little to report on the proposed new medical centre except both the Parish Council and many residents are dissatisfied with the bland responses to their letters received from the Health Secretary and other members of the government and from the South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

The proposals for new waiting restrictions in the village centre have been published by the County Council and include additions not discussed with the Parish Council. Residents have complained that the official notice is very hard to understand and many believed it was proposed to reduce the amount of off-street parking significantly which is not the intention. The aim is to give shoppers priority in areas closest to the shops and provide a disabled space in front of the chemist. The additional proposals are intended to enforce the highway code on parking close to junctions.

The Parish Council has been busy producing some new publications – a dog fouling leaflet will be going out to residents in the near future and the Emergency Plan has been updated. Also in preparation is a new Index of Shops and Amenities to go to every household.

The Community Access Terminal in the Parish Council is still not working – a training session revealed that users could not be heard in the District Council offices.

With the workload of the Council’s office staff ever-increasing, the Council are considering employing a part-time Responsible Financial Officer to handle the Council’s finances.

Councillor David Close put forward the idea that the village join in the celebrations for the Queen’s 90th birthday along with many other communities across the country by lighting an official beacon. A beacon was lit on the church tower for the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012. It was agreed to investigate the possibility.

Finally it was reported that, sadly, 2016 will be the last year of the free passes to Charlecote Park for Wellesbourne residents. The National Trust has said that the village is getting too large for the scheme to be sustainable. This unique benefit has been enjoyed by residents for many years. Details of how to collect passes will be in the next issue of Wellesbourne and Walton News.