Council Grants

The objective of this Grants Policy is to provide an open and transparent policy for Wellesbourne & Walton Parish Council (the ‘Council’) when responding to requests for grants as all grants come from the Parish Precept which is part of the Council tax, Council and applicants need to be aware that Council has a limited amount available each year to provide grants.

Grants are allocated once a year at the budget setting meeting of the Council and usually paid out in May provided that any pre conditions set by the Council have been complied with. In order to ensure your application is considered, please return this form to the Clerk/Admin Assistant with any supporting documentation by 1 November. 


  • Recipients of grants must be: non-profit making and must be able to show that they benefit (although does not have to be exclusively) for persons living in Wellesbourne or Walton. Grants may be approved subject to such conditions as the Council sees fit (e.g. matched funding requirements)
  • Grants to churches can be made but not to promote religious activities or for purposes which would only benefit church members and other religious organisations
  • Grants cannot be made where another authority/central government has a statutory obligation to supply funding
  • National charitable appeals will only be considered when organised on a local basis by Wellesbourne or Walton residents and only in exceptional circumstances
  • Only one grant will be given to any group or organisation
  • All grant recipients will be required to complete a report detailing the outcome of the grant within 12 months of receipt and shall attend the next following Annual Parish Meeting with a display showing the use to which the grant moneys have been used and be prepared to answer questions from Councillors and the general public as regards their activities


NOTE: All applications to be submitted using the Parish Council’s application form (please click the link below) or request a paper copy from the Parish Council Office. A Statement of Accounts must be appended before your application will be considered. Where the applicant runs separate groups with separate financial accounts for each group then financial accounts for each group must be submitted to enable the Council to consider the financial position of the whole organisation.  Failure to provide full financial and other information may result in no grant being made.  In general the Council will only consider the information submitted at the time of the application and not revert to the applicant for further information.  It is therefore in the interests of any applicant to ensure their application contains the fullest possible information. 

Failure to comply with the above guidelines and requirements may result in the Council making no award at all.

Grant application and feedback form (Word document download)