Chairman’s Report – February 2016

December and January have been busy months for the Parish Council with much time being spent on supporting the medical practice at Hastings House. Many of you have written to the South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group (SWCCG), copying me into your letter, supporting the practice and the petition has been signed by 1700 to date (12/01/16). By the time you read this, the SWCCG should have produced its list of priorities for funding in South Warwickshire and we hope that the practice will be included in it as was previously promised. If not, we will continue to press for the new centre to be financially supported by whatever means we can.

Stratford Core Strategy
The Inspector will have re-examined the Core Strategy in January and hopefully it will be approved by the summer. A Core Strategy will protect villages like ours from further development. At present with Government’s presumption to build, we are in a vulnerable position.

Work has now begun on the building and its annex. We still need money to finish the project. Please help if you can. Perhaps you have ideas for raising money or you will be taking part in a fund raising event and the money could be donated to the project. This is a much needed facility for the whole village and it would be good if everyone was able to contribute towards it.

River Dene Community Camera
The camera monitoring the River Dene is now up and running. You can find it here.

It provides a picture of the river and a variety of information about the general conditions.

Customer Access Terminal (CAT)
Wellesbourne and Walton now have their very own CAT.
What does it do?
You can get in touch with Warwickshire County Council and Stratford District Council about matters that concern you.
How do you do it?
You phone the number for SDC or WCC and you will be put through to the appropriate department.
How is this different?
You actually see the person to whom you are speaking via a Skype type connection.
When can you use it?
It is available during the Parish Council Office hours:
Mon-Wed 2-4.30 Thu-Fri 9.15-12.15

If you need help, the Parish Council staff are available but it is a very simple system. Your conversation will be confidential and no one can read the screen over your shoulder. You can pay bills on it as well as raising queries or seeking advice.
Do take advantage of this. You will save yourself the journey into Stratford or Warwick.

Lengthsman Scheme
The Council is working with other local councils to develop this scheme. It would allow us to complete many of the jobs that currently hang around while we wait for WCC or SDC to attend to them. As you know, we have had a Parish handyman now for a few months and he is invaluable, being able to deal with tasks on Parish land quickly and efficiently. The Lengthsman scheme would allow the person doing it to work on County Council land.

Annual Parish Meeting
This will take place on Tuesday 8th. March 7.30 in the Village Hall. Coffee will be available from 7pm. Everyone is welcome. You will receive the Annual Report before that meeting.

Anne Prior
Chairman Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council

(01789) 842103