Full Council Meeting 6/10/15 Minutes


The minutes of the Council meeting on Tuesday 6th October 2015 at 7.30 pm at the Methodist Hall, Bridge Street, Wellesbourne



Present: Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior    Councillors: Mrs Bartlett, Heaton, Mrs Hurdman, Kendall, Lawley, Shepherd, Thomas

Clerk: Mrs Scriven              Members of public: 11


  1. Welcome and announcements – November’s Full Council meeting will be on WEDNESDAY 4th November at the Village Hall due to the Methodist Hall being decorated.


  1. Apologies of Absence – Cllrs Mrs Bolton & Close.


  1. Declarations of Interest – Cllr Lawley non pecuniary interest in planning for Mrs England, and non pecuniary interest in Chedham’s Yard as a Trustee.

Cllr Kendall non pecuniary interest in planning for Mr Warr as a teacher for his son.


  1. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – additional items were accepted as:

10.3 – Request from NHD Plan Team, 12.7 – Minutes of Ashorne working party,12.8 – Christmas lights, 12.9 – Play equipment inspections, 18.1– Management of overtime policy, 29.3 – Empty homes presentation.


  1. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – Ombudsman letter as potentially a legal matter. Prop: Cllr AS, 2nd Cllr EL – carried.


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Council Meetings:

            1st September – Accepted

            15th September – 11.2 letter from WALC should read “the rest of the leases” – accepted


  1. Matters arising – Councillors were invited to view the CCTV control room at SDC, 22nd and 23rd October.


  1. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

Mrs Wharton, Wellesbourne in Bloom, said WIB had been awarded a silver this year and the judges had acknowledged an overall improvement throughout the village. The precinct was picked up in the report for having weeds, which had been disappointing as Sheldon Bosley were to carry out weed killing of the area prior to the judging. She asked if there was anyone wishing to join the group to let her know.

Miss McDonaugh, Mountford Close, raised her concern regarding traffic movement on Mountford Close at school times.

Mr Hargis, Chapel Street, asked if the banner might be removed from the WSCC building.


  1. County Council matters

District Council matters

Cllr Mrs Parry – report – noted

Cllr Kendall – no update


  1. Planning

10.1  Decisions

10.1.1  Approvals with conditions

  1. Noted
15/02349/COUO Prior notification of a change of use of existing offices (B1a) to create 50 new dwellings (C3)
At The Wellesbourne House Partnership, 1-2 Wellesbourne House, Walton Road For Mr Hyde
  1. Noted
15/02550/TEL56 Upgrade of existing telecommunications site comprising replacement of the existing 15m high monopole and 3no antennas with a 20m high monopole and 3no antennas within the established compound area and development ancillary thereto
At MMO2 (30851), Severn Trent Water Plc, Stratford Road For Cornerstone Telecommunications


15/02633/ADV Replacement  signage
At Connells Bridge Street For Connells
  1. Noted
15/02675/LBC New signage as direct replacement for existing
At Connells For Connells
  1. Noted
15/02648/VARY Removal of conditions 4 and 12 of planning permission 14/03325/VARY (Variation of conditions 2 and 11 of 14/00071/FUL (to allow additional extensions to approved dwelling and the construction of a detached single garage) for the erection of a dwelling and re-opening of vehicular access (on site of fire damaged former cottage) to remove the requirement for Code of Sustainable Homes Code level 4 and 10% renewable saving requirements as a result of the withdrawal of the Code and Low Carbon Sustainable Buildings SPD now out of date.
At Ninevah Cottage, 4 Stratford Road For Mr Graddon
Case Officer Lucy Hammond By 26th August 15
  1. Noted
15/02867/FUL Dormer window replacing existing velux
At 3 Lincoln Close For Mr Ortu

10.1.2     Refusals

  1. Noted
15/025230/LBC Refurbishment of The Old Bakery to include new roof windows and fenestration to enable conversion to a dwelling house
At The Old Stores 13 Chestnut Square For Mr Thomas


15/02529/FUL Refurbishment of The Old Bakery to include new roof windows and fenestration to enable conversion to a dwelling house
At The Old Stores 13 Chestnut Square For Mr Thomas

10.1 3 Appeals

APP/J3720/W/15/3134093 – Noted

15/01884/FUL Proposed erection of a two storey building providing first floor flat above 2no. car parking spaces
At 39 Warwick Road For Jane Larard

10.2        Applications


15/02322/OUT Construction of 36 no. dwellings and demolition of 2 no. existing dwellings on part of an existing caravan touring and storage site (Outline application with all matters reserved).
At Newlands Caravan Site, Loxley Lane For Mr Warr
Case Officer Stuart Castle By 9th October 15

The Council made strong objection on the grounds this would be a new settlement on the outer edge of the villlage and it is totally unsustainable.  There are no footways from the site to the village and no amenties within walking distance of the site.  It is also speculative of the airfield being developed despite it not being included in the District Core Strategy document. It was noted that this would only part of a phased development.


15/03390/FUL Proposed two storey bedroom and study extension and single storey family room extension
At 58 Pembrooke Gardens For Mr James Bonsall
Case Officer Richard Bergmann By 9th October 15

Support as would improve the amenity for the occupant


15/03279/FUL Rear single storey lean to extension and insertion of rooflights
At 6 Church Walk For Eve England
Case Officer Richard Bergman By 9th October 15

Support as would improve the amenity for the occupant


15/03429/TREE T1 Ash remove
At 3 Peacock Court, Chapel Street For Mr Scholefield
Case Officer Ruth Rose By 13th October 15

Support removal, but requested that it be replaced by another species as it is within the conservation area, subject to the county

arboriculturalist guidance.

10.3        Neighbourhood Plan

10.3.1     Chairman’s report John Hargis – circulated prior to the meeting.

10.3.2 Correspondence

Green Space Designation in Neighbourhood Plan Maureen Ankrett

John Hargis said this month would see the 100th NHD Plan completed, and the group were now looking at green

space designation. He asked that the Parish Council support the areas designated at the consultation stage.

Mapping System – Mr Hargis asked the Council to register for free mapping system trial, after which if suitable the NHD Plan group would pay the purchase price in full or otherwise the Council would cancel the membership. The Council agreed.

10.4     Core Strategy update –Cllrs DK/AP

10.5     Correspondence

Proposals for brownfield sites Brandon Lewis – Minister of State for Housing and Planning

Cllr Mrs Parry said this ring fences concerns surrounding development of the airfield and highlights that the Government is looking at brownfield sites in detail. She said the District Council would have to approve the site and it had been made clear that the airfield had not been included in the Core Strategy document.

10.6        Date of next Area Planning Meetings:  14th October 2015


  1. Finance Committee – Cllr AS

11.1    Chairman’s report – circulated prior to the meeting


Approval of monthly accounts as per attached cheque list Prop Cllr AS, 2nd Cllr EL  Carried


Approval of staff salaries Prop Cllr DK, 2nd Cllr EL  Carried

11.4    Finance reports from SAGE Bookkeeper – circulated prior to the meeting. Queries to be emailed to the RFO.

11.5    SAGE update–Version 21 had been installed successfully and the RFO was now attempting to familiarise with the software

11.6    External Audit update – Clerk/RFO – The External Audit was now complete with no action required.

11.7    Date of next meeting – 24th November 2015


  1. Amenities and Highways Committee – Cllr EL

12.1    Chairman’s report – circulated prior to the meeting. Residents were urged to record incidents of vehicles travelling the wrong way round the one way system as WCC had stated they did not believe it to be a problem and that the signage was adequate.

12.2     Traffic Working Party meeting 7th October at 7pm

12.3     Lengthsman Scheme – Meeting Dan Green (WCC) 9th October 2015

12.4     Graffiti – update Cllr EL said there were more than 100 sites affected by graffiti and the Probation Service had been employed to assist with clearance.

12.5     Meeting with Paul Cowley (WCC) River Dene Pollution – Cllr EL

12.6     Correspondence

Complaint regarding Dovehouse construction site Mr Barlow

The Council were concerned about reports of construction traffic using Dovehouse Drive as a short cut at speeds considered

inappropriate for residential roads.

Action: Raise concerns with the developers By: Cllr EL/Office

12.7     Minutes from Cllr Mrs Bolton – noted

12.8     Christmas Lights – Cllr AP said this year’s event would take place 28th November, in School Road (there would be a road

closure order) stalls and a BBQ.  She explained in order to be covered by the Council insurance the Council would be required to

minute that the WP was working on behalf of the Council.

Recommendation to formally record that the Street Fayre Committee act on behalf of the Parish Council to provide the Christmas lights event Prop Cllr AS, 2nd Cllr BH  carried

12.9     Play equipment inspections – The Council considered the three quotes provided and agreed Mr Hicks be awarded the work.

Action: Contact and appoint Mr John Hicks to carry out the play equipment inspections By: Office


  1. Recycling Centre – Cllr AP


WCC Waste Management Site


Action: Write requesting that skip deliveries and changes are made outside of public open times

Cllr Izzi Seccombe


By: Office


  1. WSCC Committee – Cllr AP

14.1    Chairman’s report


1) Recommendation to authorise further VAT investigation to the sum of up to  £300


2) Recommendation that the Council set up a Charitable Trust for the WSCC to be novated to Trust once registered.


3) Recommendation to instruct Council Solicitor to put together legal documents to enable the Council to novate to Trust.

Prop Cllr AP,2nd Cllr DK carried


Prop Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr DK carried



Prop Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr DK carried

Cllr VB asked what the benefits novating to Trust would be for the Council. Cllr AP referred to the Council Risk Assessment 2 years ago in which the Council voted to remove risk to the individual Councillor by setting up a Trust, and said that Charitable Trusts could access more funding than PC’s.

14.3    Date of next meeting – 10th November 2015


  1. WWPC Website

15.1    Chairman’s update – Cllr EL said Mr Saunders was setting up the new PC website which until fully updated would run in tandem with the existing site. He urged Cllrs to visit the site and inform of anything omitted or included in error.



  1. Emergency Committee – Cllr EL

16.1     Date of next meeting 27th October 2015


  1. Conservation Committee – Cllr EL

17.1     Date of next meeting 4th November 2015


  1. Office & Staffing Committee

18.1     Chairman’s update – Cllr RB said the Committee recognised that Clerk would need assistance during the Admin

Assistant’s extended leave and had suggested the Clerk approach local Councils. The Clerk had contacted WALC to circulate to

all local Councils and several Clerks had expressed an interest. Councillors were asked to assist with the phone/front office when


Recommendation: All interested parties invited to meet the Chairman/Clerk with a view to appointing one to assist the Clerk Prop: Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr EL carried

18.2        Date of next meeting 20th October 2015


  1. Index 2016

19.1     Clerk’s update – The Index was well underway, and would be going to the printers shortly. It was noted that there was still

time for anyone wishing to be included in this edition, anyone wishing to include lineage or an advert should contact the office.


  1. Village Hall condition report – Cllr AP/Clerk


Village Hall car park surface and public use Email from Mr Faulkner (Sheldon Bosley)

As the Council has no ownership or lease of this property, it was agreed that no action could be taken by the Council at this time.

Action: Letter to say no action could be taken as not property in ownership of Council and that the Estate could make a minor repair or place a disclaimer notice saying public use at own risk – Estate takes no responsibility for damage to vehicle or persons. By Office


  1. C.A.T. (Customer Access Terminal) – Clerk

21.1     Update on installation – A site visit by SDC had taken place and all equipment ready. BT would be fitting the telephone

lines and router shortly after which the CAT would be installed and demonstrated.


  1. Sports Association

22.1     Chairman update – Cllr AP said the meeting had not been very successful and much time had been spent on questioning

the legality of the new lease.  The Sports Association had been informed by the Solicitor that the lease is legal and in force and no

further correspondence would take place on the lease.  It was agreed that more than one Cllr should attend the meeting and where

this was not possible the meeting would have to be postponed.


  1. Chedham’s Yard Trust – Cllr DC

23.1     Request to dispose of rusty “artefacts”. Councillors were invited to a guided tour as landlords of the Yard and looked at the

additional but surplus to requirement artefacts.

Recommendation that the Parish Council supports the Board of Chedham’s Yard Trustees to dispose of any unwanted artefacts in accord with the Acquisitions and Disposal Policy Prop Cllr EL, 2nd Cllr AS carried


  1. Wellesbourne in Bloom – Cllr DC

24.1     WIB update – Mrs Wharton said that Wellesbourne had been awarded a Silver in this year’s judging and the hard work by

the limited team had been recognised by the judges. Improvements were noted but judges felt the precinct area weeds had let the

village down. The school had been awarded a silver gilt award for their contribution.  Councillors congratulated WIB on their



  1. Wellesbourne/Kineton Community Forum – Cllr DC

25.1     Date of next meeting – 10th March 2016


  1. WALC

26.1     AGM to be held on 4th November at 7.30pm

26.2     New Cllr Training event 17th November at Eathorpe Village Hall

26.3     Southern Area Committee – date of next meeting – 20th October 2015




  1. Fire Safety Equipment

27.1        Upgrade equipment to current safety standards – Following the annual service of the fire equipment the Council were advised of new safety standards and upgrades were suggested. The Clerk contacted the fire service to ask advice and their advisor had agreed to visit the Council offices and re-assess the requirements as a second opinion.


  1. Wellesbourne and Walton News – Cllr AP

Proposed contents October edition

Chairman’s report – Cllr AP

Christmas lights update – Cllr AP


  1. General/Late Correspondence


Road safety issues letter


Ben Burbidge

Noted. Cllr AP to reply


Government plans for Brownfield sites letter to MP Cllr A Parry


29.3        Emply Homes Awareness Presentation – Sheree Johannson – The Council agreed to hold this presentation at an Extra-ordinary meeting.


  1. Facebook – Parish Council Facebook (FB) page – update Cllr AP said the Facebook page had received between 800-900 visitors. Councillors noted that FB contained much miss information about the Council and agreed that Cllr AP should correct this on the Council FB page.


  1. Cllr and Clerk Exchange of Information

Cllr EL – said he would be attending the Flood Forum at Rugby if other Cllrs wished to attend he would be driving. The trench dug into the river bank had been filled by the Council Handyman for health and safety reasons.

Cllr VB said Munster Joinery lorries were driving recklessly through the village at speed once again.

Cllr FH said a lady expressed disappointment that her 2 year old couldn’t get into the wendy house on the new play equipment, a gent with a 3 year old praised the Council for their choice stating it was just the challenge his toddler required.

Cllr DK said he had received excellent feedback on the play equipment

Cllr CM passed a message on behalf of Cllr RB to note the success of the cake sale on behalf of Macmillan at the One Stop which had raised £645 for cancer care.

The Clerk reminded Cllrs she would be out of the office on Friday due to training on the Pension Scheme.


  1. Items/reports for the next meeting by 22nd October 2015        (Table of monthly meeting dates)
Full Council 6th October
Traffic Working Party 7th October
Amenities/Highways 13th October
Office and Staffing 20th October
Emergency 27th October
Area Planning 14th October



Under section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest, as if members of the public were present during the consideration of such business, there would be disclosure to them of exempt information under paras 1 and 11 and Part 1 Schedule 12A of the said Act, that the public will be excluded.




Letter from the Legal Ombudsman (Circulated prior to the meeting)

Councillors agreed that a breakdown of the charges made should be provided, the Clerk confirmed she had requested an itemised account on behalf of the Council. Cllrs agreed to take no further action unless an itemised account was provided.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting close at 9.45pm


Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior…………





Completed 13.10.15