Councillor Anne Prior, chairman of the WSCC Committee, writes: The Committee met on 15th March. Since then the second valuation meeting has been held. Some photos of the work in progress are below.

The setting up of a crowd funding site is proving to be problematical and we are currently exploring the possibility of payment guard being available for direct debits to be made. If this is possible then we will set up the site.

Cllr Michael has drafted a new leaflet for the brick buying scheme and has spoken to a local company who are willing to improve its appearance. This should be printed shortly and then distributed. The company she has approached has also offered to design a logo for us for use on the building and merchandise we might produce to raise money. They suggested that a competition could be held for a mural in the building instead of a logo. I would like us to consider this.

The front of the new annexe

Ground floor of the new annexe

Interior of the main room

Toilet corridor on the ground floor

The Committee has also considered the possibility of obtaining a Public Loan to allow us to complete the MUGA when the first stage of the building is complete. Currently there is approximately £60k available for the MUGA (interest from the original S106 monies and two further S106 monies from the donkey field and Miller Homes developments) and on the original quotes we would require a further £200k. We are asking that you allow us to explore this further.

I reported on the meeting I attended about charities at the office of the PC solicitors. This was very interesting and I learned quite a lot. The impact of Kids Company has led to many changes coming forward mostly linked to interest and loyalty declarations and the impact these have. The Council will need to look at this further.

The next meeting is on 17th May 2016.