Wellesbourne and Walton

Parish Council

2 School Road, Wellesbourne, CV35 9NH

01789 841434

Council Members

Tony Dipple

Walton Ward

Tony Dipple
Cn. Rosalind Bolton

Hastings Ward

Tel: 01789 840814

19 Kineton Road


CV35 9NE

Rosalind Bolton

Member of the Council since 1980.

• Cllr Bolton is Chairman of the Office & Staffing Committee and the Index Working Party. She is Vice Chairman of the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee and the Community Facilities Committee, and is WWPC’s representative to the Village Hall Committee.

Stuart Jackson

Hastings Ward

Tel: 01789 612614

36 Copeland Avenue


CV35 9LZ

Stuart Jackson

I moved into Wellesbourne in 2002 living on Lowes Lane, the Dovehouse and now Ettington Park, where I live with my wife Kelly and our family.

I studied for my MBA and then my Law degree - both of which have served me well.

With almost 30 years in the automotive industry I have dedicated over 12 years to campaigning to raise awareness of road safety issues; regularly you’ll find me working closely with the emergency services and Highways England.

In September of 2017 I became a Parish Councillor and a Trustee of the Wellesbourne Sports & Community Centre. I am also a member of the Institute of Directors, a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights and a Freeman of The City of London.

Ollie Cannon

Mountford Ward

Tel: 07970 679074






Ollie Cannon

I moved to Wellesbourne in 2015, through buying my first home. Since then I have married in the village and started a family.  I work in the village as an automotive engineer. A big lover of the outdoors, I’m often found walking, running or cycling around the local area. This year I took part in the Fred Witten challenge, cycling over every pass in the Lake District. I have also cycled the length of the country from John o Groats to Lands End. I enjoy travelling and travel with work to many places including the arctic circle.

I hope to serve the community usefully on the Highways, Environment & Emergency committee and play a part in shaping the future of Wellesbourne and Walton.


Hastings Ward

Tel: 07818 455486






Yvonne Paige-Stimson

I am a mechanical engineer and head project management for a company leading the way on electric vehicles.  I have lived locally since 2011 and am Group Scout Leader, promoting everyday adventure and developing positive life skills for nearly 100 of Wellesbourne’s girls and boys aged 6-18. When I'm not organising camps and recruiting volunteers, I am Mum to two active teenagers, enjoy getting outdoors, local history, curry, scuba and going to the cinema.

Danny Kendall

Mountford Ward

Tel: 01789 601293

1 Honeysuckle Lane


CV35 9SG


Danny Kendall

I first joined the Council in 2011 and was re-elected in 2012.  I grew up in Wellesbourne and have always lived in the village. As well as being a district councillor for Wellesbourne, I am also a history teacher. My interests in include reading; skiing and taking part in the King’s Head Pub Quiz, where the team are becoming accomplished losers!

• Cllr Kendall is a member of the Community Facilities Committee and is a WWPC representative to the Wellesbourne Sports Association, Wellesbourne Matters and Chedham's Yard. He is also one of three Parish Councillor trustees of the Wellesbourne Sports & Community Centre.


Mountford Ward

Telephone: 01789 470315

167 Dovehouse Drive


CV35 9NW

Robert Mann

I was born in the West Midlands in 1944, the only child of William and Edna Mann. My Grandfather had a coach business called Manns Coaches, which my father, brother and sister took over on his retirement. My mother started up a Mother and Baby clothes shop in Smethwick. I attended the Technical School there and went onto an apprenticeship with Pilkington Glass Company, there I obtained full qualifications in Engineering, with honours. I went on to various Engineering Companies and Management. In 1968 I met my wife Gillian and we married in 1970 and in 1973 our Son Stephen was born. We eventually moved to Stratford upon Avon, this was about 40 years ago, again to work in Engineering Management. I then decided to start my own business about 15 years ago. We moved to Wellesbourne about 7 years ago on retirement, we now live in a lovely Bungalow on the Dovehouse Drive overlooking the farmers field where we are lucky to see the farm animals plus the wild birds, foxes and Deer.

Alex Burnard

Mountford Ward

01789 841021




Alex Burnard

I moved to Wellesbourne in 2016 after relocating from Kent. My family and I love living in the village and enjoy spending our time being part of Wellesbourne’s diverse community. I volunteer some of my time with both guiding and scouting within the village and try to help where I can with the school PTA. 

Cn. Anne Prior

Mountford Ward - Chairman

Telephone: 01789 842103

7 Wyvern Close


CV35 9TA

Anne Prior

I was elected to the parish council in May 2012. I have lived in Warwickshire for forty years working in education and have lived in Wellesbourne for thirty of those years. My children have been educated here and now have moved back to the village with their families. I am involved with various groups in the village and am a volunteer with a national support agency, working in Warwickshire.

• Cllr Prior is Chairman of the Parish Council and of the Community Facilities Committee, and an ex officio member of all WWPC Committees. She is also a WWPC representative to the Neighbourhood Plan team, Wellesbourne Sports Association, the WALC Southern Area Committee and Wellesbourne Matters, and is one of the Parish Councillor trustees of the Wellesbourne Sports & Community Centre.

cn. Alan Shepherd

Hastings Ward

Tel: 01789 841332

6 Charlecote Fields


CV35 9PG

Alan Shepherd

I am married with a daughter. I have lived in Wellesbourne since 2001 and within Stratford Upon Avon district since 1990. I joined the council in November 2011. I was closely involved in the preparation of the parish plan (including consultation with Wellesbourne residents) leading to its adoption in June 2011.

• Cllr Shepherd is Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council, Chairman of the Finance Committee and an ex officio member of all WWPC Committees.

James Harte

Hastings Ward

Tel: 07957 990055

23 Frost Road


CV35 9UF

James Harte

Myself, my partner and daughter moved to Wellesbourne in March 2017. Moving from Warwick, we came here as we decided this is where we want our daughter to grow up. I have spent 10 years as a chef working in many restaurants and hotels locally, since then I have worked for British Gas and I'm currently working towards my classical studies degree via the Open University. I have a passion for history, politics and Carp fishing (when I have time). I've recently joined the Parish council to help improve the community to make it an an even better place to live and I'm very grateful of the position and hope to serve well.

Code of Members’ Conduct

The conduct expected of members and co-opted members of the authority when acting in that capacity 

You are a member or co-opted member of the Wellesbourne Parish Council and hence you shall have regard to the following principles – selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

Accordingly, when acting in your capacity as a member or co-opted member:

You must act solely in the public interest and should never improperly confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person or act to gain financial or other material benefits for yourself, your family, a friend or close associate.

You must not place yourself under a financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might seek to influence you in the performance of your official duties.

When carrying out your public duties you must make all choices, such as making public appointments, awarding contracts or recommending individuals for rewards or benefits, on merit.

You are accountable for your decisions to the public and you must co-operate fully with whatever scrutiny is appropriate to your office.

You must be as open as possible about your decisions and actions and the decisions and actions of your authority and should be prepared to give reasons for those decisions and actions.

You must declare any private interests, both pecuniary and non-pecuniary, that relate to your public duties and must take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public interest, including registering and declaring interests in a manner conforming with the procedures set out in the box below.

You must, when using or authorising the use by others of the resources of your authority, ensure that such resources are not used improperly for political purposes (including party political purposes) and you must have regard to any applicable Local Authority Code of Publicity made under the Local Government Act 1986.

You must promote and support high standards of conduct when serving in your public post, in particular as characterised by the above requirements, by leadership and example. 

Registering and declaring pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests 

You must, within 28 days of taking office as a member or co-opted member, notify your authority’s Monitoring Officer of any disclosable pecuniary interest as defined by regulations made by the Secretary of State, where the pecuniary interest is yours, your spouse’s or civil partner’s, or is the pecuniary interest of somebody with whom you are living with as a husband or wife, or as if you were civil partners.

In addition, you must, within 28 days of taking office as a member or co-opted member, notify your authority’s monitoring officer of any disclosable pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest which your authority has decided should be included in the register.

If an interest has not been entered onto the authority’s register, then the member must disclose the interest to any meeting of the authority at which they are present, where they have a disclosable interest in any matter being considered and where the matter is not a ‘sensitive interest’.

Following any disclosure of an interest not on the authority’s register or the subject of pending notification, you must notify the monitoring officer of the interest within 28 days beginning with the date of disclosure.

Unless dispensation has been granted, you may not participate in any discussion of, vote on, or discharge any function related to any matter in which you have a pecuniary interest as defined by regulations made by the Secretary of State. Additionally, you must observe the restrictions your authority places on your involvement in matters where you have a pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest as defined by your authority.

1 A ‘sensitive interest’ is described in the Localism Act 2011 as a member or co- opted member of an authority having an interest, and the nature of the interest being such that the member or co-opted member, and the authority’s monitoring officer, consider that disclosure of the details of the interest could lead to the member or co-opted member, or a person connected with the member or co- opted member, being subject to violence or intimidation.


Councillors' register of disclosable pecuniary interests

The Localism Act 2011 requires councillors to register any disclosable pecuniary interests. The same Act requires these details to be published on a parish council's own website or via a link to the website of its principal authority. Information in relation to Wellesbourne & Walton Parish Councillors can be found on the Stratford-on-Avon District Council website by clicking here.