Policy for Vexatious/Repeated Correspondence Of The Parish Council

Adopted 1 November 2011

Amended 2 June 2015

This policy covers vexatious demands and/or repeated requests for information including Freedom of Information Act requests.

Under this policy, the Council or the Clerk to Council will consider repeated requests for information or variations of the same request, on a single issue, to be vexatious and unacceptable where the Council has already answered the request.  Where excessive use of the Council’s, or Clerk to the Council’s time is being made in dealing with such requests no response will be made except to inform the person making such request that the requirement is unreasonable.

Taking into consideration the context and history of a request, a decision as to whether it is vexatious will be made on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Can the request be fairly seen as obsessive?
  • Is the request harassing the Council?
  • Would complying with the request impose a significant burden?
  • Is the request designed to cause disruption or annoyance?
  • Does the request lack serious purpose or value?

Where the communication of the requester is considered vexatious, he/she will be informed and given the grounds for such decision.

If the conduct or correspondence of the requester or group of persons acting together is considered vexatious, the Council may refuse to respond to communications from that person or group of persons for a specified period of time or limit the amount of correspondence from them that will be dealt with.

Timescales at the discretion of the Council or Clerk to the Council* after consultation with Chairman or Vice Chairman

1 Month

3 Months

6 Months

* Where known persons are repeating requests the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman or Vice Chairman may impose the timescales.

Example letter from the Parish Council where correspondence is considered to be vexatious/repeated