Terms and Conditions for Using WWPC Facebook Page

The Facebook page for Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council can be found by clicking the link below:


 The page is regularly updated with Council and other local news by the Chairman, Anne Prior.

Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council (WWPC) would like to ensure that all content on the WWPC Facebook page is informative, positive, productive and in line with Council policies. You are welcome to comment on posts, but before doing so please read the terms and conditions, below.

  1. WWPC reserves the right to remove, without notice or warning:
    • content or language which is abusive, defamatory, harassing, harmful, libellous, obscene, profane, or offensive to gender, faith, age, disability, race or sexual orientation.
    • content which is derogatory or offensive about the Council, Council staff or Councillors, or about the people, businesses and agencies the Council works with and serves.
    • content deemed confidential by WWPC.
    • content that shares anyone’s personal information, other than basic necessary contact details.
    • content that infringes copyright or intellectual property of any company or individual.
    • content that is party political in nature.
    • photographs of children
  2. Posting on the WWPC Facebook page will not be considered as contacting the Council for official purposes. Please see the contact details on our website, www.wellesbournepc.com
  3. Do not use the WWPC Facebook page to report a crime. Call 101, or 999 in an emergency.
  4. We cannot monitor the WWPC Facebook page at all times and may not always be able to respond to messages and comments, but we will aim to as far as workload permits.
  5. Do not use the WWPC Facebook page to advertise products for sale, promote commercial services or for ‘spam’.
  6. WWPC is not responsible for the accuracy of content posted by any user on any channel; opinions expressed in comments on WWPC’s social media channels do not necessarily represent those of WWPC.

7. Once posted, comments become the property of WWPC and we may reproduce, distribute, publish, display or edit them for publicity purposes.

8. Your use of Facebook is at your own risk. WWPC is not responsible for the privacy practices of Facebook or any linked sites.

9. Facebook may occasionally be unavailable and we accept no responsibility for a suspension of service.

10. WWPC is not responsible for the presence of any advertisement on Facebook, does not endorse any advertisements, and will not be held responsible for any claims arising from them.